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By Student Care & Guidance Published on 02 May 2017

Hi Everyone,

A big warm welcome back to NYP. Also, to all our new International Students, welcome to our big NYP family.

Most of you would have attended your school’s orientation programme and you would have met many new friends. If you are interested to meet more friends from the other schools, we would encourage you to participate in a CCA. There are many interest groups ranging from Arts and Culture, Sport and Adventure, Community Service & Environments etc.  Do make full use of your time while studying in NYP by taking part in some CCAs.

So what is new in NYP? NYP always strives to improve our environment for the students. We know that you would love to enjoy some good meals in the campus during your breaks. NYP has recently just completed upgrading and renovating the North Canteen. It has a new look, new tables and chairs, and new stalls. 

Not all the stalls are open but it will be in the coming weeks. Like you, we are also looking forward to trying out the yummy food there.

We hope that all of you have been settled well into your classes and if you have any problems, please feel free to look for Mr Joseph Lee at the Student Care & Guidance.

Student Care & Guidance

Student Care & Guidance

Hello everyone, I am Joseph from the Student Care & Guidance (SCG) Office at Block A, Level 2. 

I am the NYP officer whom you can talk to if you have any problems with accommodation, adapting to Singapore, MOE tuition grant or any other personal issues that you may have. 

SCG also provides other services such as Student Counselling and Shuttle Bus Services. If you wish to speak to a NYP counsellor, please make an appointment in advance before coming to the SCG office. The contact details and email addresses can be found here.  

Education & Career Guidance (ECG) is another function of SCG. It will continue to be offered through ECG@Central, located at Blk A, Level 1. You can find ECG’s contact details here. Similarly, please make an appointment in advance before visiting them.

It could be a difficult period for some of you during the first few weeks of school as you try to settle down into life in NYP. If you need a listening ear or some advice, you can look for me at the SCG office, drop me an email ( or call me at 6550 0387.

I wish you all the best in your studies and always remember that my door is always open for you.

Mr Joseph Lee
Student Care & Guidance Office

Singapore Quest 2017

The annual Joint-Polytechnic event Singapore Quest 2017 was held on 21 January 2017 at NYP. A total of 170 polytechnic students from 11 different countries took part in the event.

The Singapore Quest is an “Amazing Race styled” event where participants have to reach various checkpoints based on the clues given to them.

Each team comprises 5 participants with at least 2 different nationalities, one of whom must be a Singaporean. Participants can also form inter-poly teams.

The participants arrived bright and early in the morning and changed into their colourful t-shirts which reflected their diversity and energy. Before the participants were flagged off to their first check-point, they had to do some stretching to warm up their muscles.

This year, the route took the participants to various checkpoints in Ang Mo Kio and Bishan area, where each team had tasks to complete.

These tasks required each team to communicate and work together as a team in order to complete the task. Some tasks even required them to make friends with another team so to complete the task together.

In every Singapore Quest, there is a community service check point where participants have opportunity to contribute back to the community. The Singapore Quest partnered Teck Ghee Residential Committee for the community service check-point where the participants had to create an “Ang Po” (red packet) lantern with the Teck Ghee Residents and packed a food goodie bag for them.

It was a fun-filled day where participants got to meet new friends and strengthen their bonds with their friends. At the end of the day, every participant who finished the race was a winner. 

Inter-poly: One Heart 2017

One Heart 2017 is a joint poly community service project where students from the various polys come together and help the elderly with their groceries shopping. One Heart will be held at Republic Polytechnic over two weekends (Saturdays), 6th and 13th May 2017.

Student Care & Guidance (SCG) will be recruiting participants for One Heart 2017. If you are interested, you can email us at with your name, admin number and contact details.

During One Heart 2016, students from the 5 polytechnics organised activities and games for the elderly. They bonded with their new friends through activities such as making origami hearts and Karaoke. They watched the “Uncles and Aunties” dance and sing happily to their favourite Karaoke tunes.

One Heart 2016 was really a meaningful and heart-warming event as both the students and elderly made bond over the activities. The elderly also enjoyed the time with the students and appreciated the efforts to bring them joy and laughter.

You can visit One Heart facebook page for more videos and photos.