A variety of scholarships and sponsorships are made available to students pursuing full-time courses in NYP.  Offered by NYP as well as other organisations, these scholarships seek to recognise students with excellent academic achievements, leadership qualities and active CCA participation.  Check out these scholarships and take off to a flying start.

Scholarships are offered at different times during the academic year and have varying eligibility criteria. Generally most awards are offered within the first semester. For more information on available scholarships, please refer to this website and your NYP student email account. 



  1. Students who are sponsored or are already in receipt of a scholarship/bursary in a particular academic year SHOULD NOT be applying for or be in receipt of other awards in that same year.  However, those who have applied for or are on the Tuition Fees Loan Scheme, CPF Approved Education Scheme or Mendaki Fee Subsidy Scheme may apply for bursaries or scholarships, unless otherwise stated by the donor of the award.
  2. Students must be enrolled in a full-time course at the time of application and receipt of awards.
  3. Scholarships and bursaries are usually awarded for one academic year unless stated otherwise by the donors.  Students are required to apply annually in order to be considered for the scholarships and bursaries.

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This list may change from time to time.