The doors to the world open up when you graduate from NYP, and the possibilities are endless. Which path will you choose?

Universities, Here I Come

After Nanyang Polytechnic, our graduates have stepped into a whole new world of academic excellence at prestigious universities around the world.

Imperial College, UK


Graduate of NYP’s School of Engineering (SEG)

NYP School of Engineering graduate Lovell Ong is doing his direct Masters in Materials Science in the prestigious London University.

His love of engineering was sparked as a child: He remembers watching a television advertisement where a watch morphed into something else. It was enough to get the curious boy on the path of exploring how materials are made: “Nanotechnology is cutting edge – we work on an atomic or molecular scale, so the possibilities are endless. You don’t know what it can bring you. With this technology, what we may think is impossible today, may be possible in 20 or 30 years’ time!”

He did very well in his O levels and chose NYP’s Diploma in Nanotechnology & Materials Science. Within his first year, he was awarded a scholarship from ST Engineering. Lovell scored a perfect GPA of 4 with 26 Distinctions, 7 ‘A’ grades and was the recipient of the Lee Kwan Yew Award.

He reckons his time at NYP gave him the skills he needed and a head-start to the world of engineering: “I’m so thankful to my lecturers, student development officers, and friends who have helped me.”

When quizzed on which area he would like to focus on, Lovell says he hopes it can be something to protect Earth. “There are so many environmental issues these days,” he says. “I hope to bring something new and useful to the market that can help save our planet.”

Columbia University, USA


Graduate of NYP’s School of Business Management (SBM)

The School of Business Management graduate is reading his degree in Political Science at one of the most prestigious Ivy League universities in the world.

He has done exceptionally well, having been on the Dean’s list for three of his semesters and receiving a General Studies Scholarship for all his studies at Columbia.

With NYP’s tertiary environment mirroring that of a university, Julius attributes his ease of settling into Columbia University to the poly, “I can say with confidence that NYP excels at adapting their syllabus to present and future industry needs.”

Why Political Science? It actually harks back to his days as an NYPian, when he represented the poly and Singapore in debate competitions through the Current Affairs and Debating Club (CADC) and hence, the interest in philosophy and politics.

In Columbia, Julius has started his own non-profit organisation rather than doing a second internship for his degree programme. Julius again attributes this to the foundation he got at NYP – where he was constantly challenged to apply innovative and enterprising approaches in a bid to explore new solutions whenever a problem occurs.

He also credits his lecturer and personal mentor, Moses Koh.

“I would say my experience at NYP allowed me to make real choices - and sometimes mistakes, which are very valuable if you learn from them. That has definitely benefited my experiences at Columbia University.”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


Graduate of NYP’s School of Information Technology (SIT)

Rayden was offered not one but four places to read at the best universities the world has to offer – MIT, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon University, and New York University.

Graduating from NYP with a perfect grade point average of 4.0 in 2014, the former Lee Kuan Yew award recipient eventually accepted the offer by MIT as well as the University’s scholarship that will cover his tuition fees. At MIT, Rayden reads computer science and engineering as well as work on information technology research at the institute’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

It was NYP that intensified his passion for IT: “Before NYP, IT was merely my interest, but now, I can spot industry trends, have business skills, and possess knowledge that I can apply to the industry. The years I’ve spent at NYP were valuable and I am very appreciative of the zealous support my lecturers have given me".

During his time here, Rayden achieved multiple professional certifications from Red Hat, Microsoft, and Oracle. In addition, he was part of the Championship winning team in the 2014 edition of the Microsoft Imagine Cup. His team won the judges over with its advanced facial recognition system that allows businesses to capture the emotions, age and gender of customers.

Carnegie Mellon University, USA


Graduate of NYP’s School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM)

With a keen interest in role playing table top games and video games since childhood, Fadzuli Said was sold on the possibility of being a creator of exciting storylines in video games. This eventually led him on a journey to study digital entertainment technology at NYP.

Fadzuli’s time at NYP was nothing short of outstanding as he topped his cohort with 18 distinctions and 13As; this resulted in him receiving the prestigious Media Development Authority of Singapore IDM Award – an award given to the most outstanding student at NYP’s School of Interactive and Digital Media. Not long after, another golden opportunity came knocking. Upon completing his national service, Fadzuli was offered direct entry as a Media Development Authority-ST Engineering scholar into a Masters of Entertainment Technology programme at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA.

With his NYP grades, Fadzuli was given advance standing, and a waiver of the undergraduate degree, and thus he was fast tracked to do his Masters in which he graduated from in 2009; a vote of confidence for NYP’s programme.

“I’m very thankful to my lecturers for their tutelage, it has been a great three years here at NYP, and the technical know-how I have garnered to develop mobile games has helped me greatly when I was reading my Masters at Carnegie Mellon.”

Today, Fadzuli is now a Chief Technology Officer at Mighty Bear Games. Fadzuli also hopes to contribute to Singapore’s growing gaming industry as well as give back to NYP by hiring interns from SIDM next year.

NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine


Graduate of NYP’s School of Chemical and Life Sciences (SCL)

With a heart to serve, Marcus Tan is very motivated when it comes to helping the elderly with medical conditions, hence his decision to enrol into NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

While aspiring medical students would have gone down the A-level route, Marcus decided to take the path less travelled as he took up the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences at NYP in 2014. It was during one of his internship stints at Singapore General Hospital as a pharmacy technician that affirmed his convictions to become a medical practitioner. Marcus recalls, “It was my frequent interactions with the elderly patients that made me realise that I could serve them better as a doctor. I want to make sure that they’re being well taken care of!” Spurred by this renewed motivation, Marcus worked hard for his diploma. He was awarded the AstraZeneca Silver Medal upon graduation in 2017.

Marcus also credits his NYP education for providing him with a solid foundation for medical school. He says: “I learnt how the different concepts are broken down into clinical and medical and this set me apart from my peers in university.”

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


Graduate of the School of Health Science (SHS)

Sheena Ramazanu has always lived her life with a big heart. And it was her father who inspired her to be a nurse.

After graduating from NYP’s Diploma in nursing course in 2010, Sheena did her Bachelor and Master Degrees in nursing from the University of Manchester-Institute of Technology Singapore. Due to her outstanding academic performance, she is now on a scholarship to pursue her PhD in Family and Community Nursing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Sheena shared that she had always wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps. Her dad, Mr Ibrahim Shaik Mohammad, was a former nursing lecturer at School of Health Sciences and a mental health nurse. She would watch her dad prepare for classes to upgrade himself and his infectious passion for nursing inspired her to join the profession.

She recalls an incident in 1998: “When we were flying to India, a fellow passenger could not breathe on the plane. While everyone panicked, my father tended to the passenger, calmed her down, and did CPR for her. I felt that he had saved her life. From that day, I've related nursing to a life-saving occupation."

When asked why she decided to further her studies in Hong Kong, Sheena quipped: “It is important to go out, learn and bring back new ideas to Singapore so we can close the gaps here and improve. I’m very thankful to the strong foundation skills that I have gained from the education in NYP. The polytechnic has equipped us with comprehensive theoretical knowledge of nursing and practical skills from clinical attachments. ”

Sheena still vividly recalls her first hospital attachment at NYP and having to break the news of a patient’s passing to the family members. She said: “I realised that a nurse should help family members, not just the patient. The experience left an indelible mark on me, and kind of reinforces my goal to become a nurse who cares for others.”

Pratt Institute, USA


Graduate of NYP’s School of Design (SDN)

After NYP, Ying Xian went on to do her Masters in Communication Design at Pratt Institute, a school that is consistently among the world’s top colleges for art and design.

Ying Xian credits her success to NYP, she said: “My time at NYP laid a strong foundation for me in terms of technical skills, this helps as it allows me to focus more on theory and my motivations towards being a designer here at Pratt Institute. I’m learning more than before, and I’ve also received the opportunity to work as a graduate for the faculty I’m in. Here at the institute, I’m gaining lots of exposure to the international arts scene, and this helps me develop my personal style.”

Her visual works have previously been exhibited at Singapore Art Museum, PHUNK Studio, and The National Library, and covered by The Straits Times, The Substation’s Issue magazine, and Matilda magazine.

She’s now working on opportunities to exhibit her work in New York.

"Be My Own Boss"

Reaching Greater Heights


Alumnus, Diploma in Digital Animation
School of Interactive & Digital Media

At the age of 13, Daniel Lee did not foresee a career in the arts – influenced by his father, who served in the special forces, he aspired to be in the military, or to become a pilot. But a severe sports injury at 16 effectively ended those dreams. Seeking to distract himself during what Daniel describes as the lowest point of his life, he started dabbling in illustrations, a childhood interest that he had never seriously considered pursuing.

Focusing fully on creating illustrations, researching other artists and their creative styles, it was not long before Daniel was hooked. Deciding to actively study animation, he enrolled into the Diploma in Digital Animation at Nanyang Polytechnic. Daniel enjoyed every minute of his education at NYP with his immersive course, and an eye-opening internship. He was also under the tutelage of animation lecturers who had a wealth of industry knowledge.

Although inexperienced, Daniel was equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to start out in the industry. He landed his first freelance job at 18 and further honed his skills from the steady stream of jobs that followed. It was also through these opportunities that helped Daniel to discover a love for motion graphics, and the rest is history.

Today, Daniel is the founder of Semicolon, a creative company which crafts film, TV commercials, digital content, music videos and other motion content. He is now focusing on building a strong foundation in Singapore and aims to venture into the China and Korea markets in the short run.

Published in the Jan 2017 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.

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