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Industrial Attachment Programme


The Industrial Attachment Programme (IAP) is an important component of our students' learning at the School of Interactive & Digital Media (SIDM) and at the company they are attached to. It is conducted during the final year of every student's diploma course and prepares them for a challenging future in the Interactive Digital Media (IDM) industry. The IAP provides the student valuable exposure to working life in a real company environment. It is with the strong and continuous support of our industry partners in availing their resources and expertise to SIDM and its students that has made the IAP such a success since its introduction in 1998.


A feature of our IAP is that it is conducted over 4 periods each year. They are arranged contiguously so that companies can benefit from a continual one-year period of students’ attachments. (Please see attachment dates below) The IAP offers students the opportunity for attachment at either an overseas or local company. Currently close to 100 students each quarter, are out on attachment to companies. Of these, 10% - 30% are selected for overseas attachment. We work closely with each of these companies to match the right students with the right skill sets and interest to the right company.


Depending on availability and skill sets required, final year students can look forward to spending their attachment in organisations either in the USA, France, Sweden, China, Korea, or in almost any of the major companies in the IDM industry locally.



What our Students do during their IAP


During IAP, students get an invaluable opportunity to integrate techniques learnt in the classroom into a project that could be a key component of a media company’s portfolio. The students’ immersion in a real life work situation undoubtedly develops their interpersonal and collaborative skills. This is crucial in an industry where individuals often have to work in teams. Working alongside skilled professionals will also encourage students to raise their own standards and performance levels. This experience introduces the student to the expectations, demands and rigours of a real life work environment as well as the opportunity to pick up new skills. The IAP prepares the student for ready absorption into the workforce in the Interactive and Digital Media Industries. For those students attached overseas, they get an added exposure to different cultures,work methods, nationalities and geographical environments.



What our Students are capable in


Depending on the Diploma the students are pursuing, final year students can take on projects that require the following skill sets. As IAP is not just about skill sets, students are also selected based on their attitude, soft-skills and quality of work.


Interactive Design:
Web Design, Rich Internet Application, Action script, Lingo Script and Graphical User Interface Design.


Digital Animation:
Concept Design, Character Design, Environmental Design, Digital Illustration & Digital Imaging, Compositing, 2D Animation, 3D Modelling and Rendering and 3D Animation.


Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design:
Station Identities & Channel Packaging, Broadcast Design & Branding, Professional Finishing for Motion Graphics, Visual Effects & Compositing, Motion Graphics for Web, Promo Creations, Edutainment Design.


Games Design:
Games Level Design, Conceptual art, 2D art creation, 3D modelling and animation.


Games Programming:
C++ programming, Java Programming, Games Production and Project Management, Production Pipeline Scripting, Mobile Games Programming, Games Technical Direction Techniques.


Digital Visual Effects:
Visual Effects and Animation, Production Pipeline Scripting,
Compositing & Post-Production.



Frequently Asked Questions by Companies


1. What are the IAP Attachment Periods?

Our IAP is conducted over 4 periods during each academic year, with a duration of 12/13 weeks for each period.


2015/16 Attachment Dates:

Period Attachment Dates Closing date
for Request
P1 9 March 2015 – 29 May 2015 1 Dec 2014
P2 1 June 2015 –21 August 2015 2 Mar 2015
  No   Attachments   for   two   weeks   from  
22 August 2015 – 6 September 2015
P3 7 September 2015 – 27 November 2015 1 Jun 2015
P4 30 November 2015 – 19 February 2016  31 Aug 2015


2. In what ways can the IAP be beneficial to my company?

Participating companies gain the advantage of the following:


  1. Achieving short-term manpower needs.
  2. Allow companies to benefit from a continual one-year period of students' attachment, tapping on 4 different groups of students each quarter if needed.
  3. Acquire fresh insights and ideas from the perspective of a young designer on attachment.
  4. Gain the opportunity to identify and evaluate potential employees.
  5. Contribute to the educational process of training young talents for the industry and nation.


3. How does the IAP work?

All participating companies must submit a training schedule, providing details of the intern’s project expectations, duties and skill sets required in the IDM related type of work. This is to ensure that expectations are set right and upfront before commencement of the attachment at the company's premises.


A lecturer or staff of SIDM will then be assigned to act as a Liaison Officer (LO) and serve as intermediary between the participating company and the intern. All companies have to nominate an Officer-In-charge (OIC) who will function as the main contact between the company and the LO.


The LO and OIC will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the intern’s performance during the IAP. The intern’s performance will be assessed by the LO and OIC, and subsequently the intern will receive a grade for his/her IAP performance that will be recorded in his/her transcript.


The intern is required to complete a report of his/her work experience in the participating company. He/she will be required to make a presentation of his/her IAP experience to lecturers and students upon completion of the IAP. All confidential information concerning the project will remain as such.


4. What is the minimum monthly allowance for students on IAP?

IAP is still part of the learning experience for students. However, as they will incur expenditure during the internship, as such, all companies are required to provide a minimum  monthly allowance of S$500.00 or upwards. This allowance is not inclusive of compensation in the event that students are required to work beyond the normal working hours. However, we do leave it to the discretion of the company to fairly compensate students based on their own HR practices. Currently, all our IAP companies have been very supportive with regards to this.


Participating companies are not required to contribute to the Central Provident Fund, Skills Development Fund, or apply for a work permit for students who are not Singapore citizens.


5. Does my company have to buy insurance coverage for the students?

Students are covered under Nanyang Polytechnic’s group personal accident policy. However, companies whose policies allow for insurance coverage for their interns are encouraged to provide it as long as they deem it fit. One of the experiences we would like our students to go through is that of being "part of the staff" enjoying similar employee benefits, if applicable, while attached to the company. This experience may sway his/her decision to join the company after graduation.


6. What if the company has an overseas attachment assignment and students are needed to go overseas?

As part of Singapore's globalisation drive, we encouraged Overseas Industrial Attachment Programme assignments for our students during internship (OIAP). To effect this, we would require the companies requiring our student(s) to go on overseas during their attachment to discuss with the School of Interactive and Digital Media preferably before the allocation of students to the company, on the arrangement such as country of attachment, duration, nature of project, etc.


7. How did companies rate SIDM students in past internships or attachments?

After each student attachment, a survey is conducted with the company for their assessment and feedback on the student(s) attached to their company. We are glad to report that since we first started our IAP in 1998 we have been receiving returns of company ratings in the high 90 percentile with regards to students' performance on IAP. Here is an example.


SIDM student on local attachment was one of the key programmers developing Singapore’s first game developed
on Nintendo Wii


Nicholas Quek spent his IAP at NabiStudio, a games company famous for its PC game, Toribash.


Hampus Soderstam, founder of NabiStudios, has this to say about Nicholas:


“Compared to other schools, the students from NYP are well prepared for game development. They are skilled in the tools, programming languages and math that are essential to the projects that we are working on. From our experience having a young and skilled developer on the team gives us invaluable information on how teens today play and interact within a networked environment.”


8. How does SIDM assigns internship / attachment students to companies?

We look at the needs and requirements of the company such as the project scope and we try to match it with the student’s skill set. Companies will then be informed of the outcome as well as the number of students that will be assigned for the attachment.


9. When can we expect the result of our application?

Requesting companies will be informed of the outcome at least 2 weeks after the closing (registration/application) date.


10. How do I apply for SIDM’s IAP?

You are required to complete the Company Registration Form (Form C) and Project Proposal Form (Form D), and return them to SIDM lecturer-in-charge or our Admin Office before the closing dates.


Our hotline number is (065) 6550 -1700
and our fax number is 64520110.


For further assistance, please contact :

Ms Irene Lim, Lecturer-in-Charge ( at 6550-1826 or Ms Wendy Seah ( )
at 6550-1797.