Inspired to Sacrifice his Time for WorldSkills

Li Kangli - IT Network System Administration


“Be prepared to sacrifice your holidays and by that I mean ALL your holidays”, says Cyber Security And Forensics student Li Kangli, when asked about his advice to future competitors.


He amends the statement: “Okay, not really ‘all’. Maybe 95 per cent.”


But he’s not complaining about the commitment.


“It won’t be a problem if you’re passionate about System Administration!”


The 19-year-old student from NYP had some inspiration: His older brother represented NYP in the same trade at WorldSkills Singapore 2014. And so far, his journey has taught him many things, both technical and life skills.


The stress is real and there will be ups and downs, but press on and don’t give up, he advises. “Tough times don't last, but tough people do.” He credits his lecturers for keeping him going and his grit is evident as he talks about juggling studies and WorldSkills.


“Nothing comes easy, so you will have to fight for what you want in life.”