NYP's Pride - Our National Day Award Recipients!
Published on 11 Aug 2017


As Singapore celebrated its 52nd birthday on Wednesday, we are happy to share the joy of our colleagues who are conferred the National Day Awards 2017.

Here's a listing of the award recipients:

The Public Administration Medal (Silver): Jeanne Liew, PCEO; Chua Gim Peng, Director, Student Development; Teddy Ong, Director, Academy of Lifelong Learning & Skills.

The Public Administration Medal (Bronze): Desmond Tan, Deputy Director, SEG (Aerospace & Precision Engineering); Yang Tien, Deputy Director, Makerspace; Wong Poh Seng, Assistant Director, SCL (Chemical).

The Commendation Medal: Lionel Teo, Manager, SBM; Joanne Tan, Manager, CNC; Lim Chye Ling, Assistant Manager, RGO.

The Efficiency Medal: Judy Tan Wee Poh, Management Support Officer, SBM; Lim Siew Kiat, Management Support Officer, Academy of Lifelong Learning & Skills.

Another 37 colleagues received the Long Service Medal. To find out who they are, head on over to the Prime Minister's Office website here. Our colleagues' names are on pages 81-85.