NYP Students Build Fully Functional Plane
School of Engineering Published on 14 Dec 2018

There's nothing greater than seeing your dream take flight before your eyes - literally! Our final year students from the School of Engineering (SEG)’s Diploma in Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology and Diploma in Aerospace Systems & Management were beaming with pride when showcasing their STOL CH750 aircraft to the media recently. After all this is the first fully-functional aircraft built by polytechnic students in Singapore!

The 6.7m long aircraft has a fully functional engine, sophisticated electronics, a glass cockpit, two seats for a pilot and a passenger, and even luggage space. It can fly up to 710km at a top speed of 125MPH. The plane was built over four years by 34 engineering students. They did everything -  from conceptualisation and documentation to construction.

The project has provided our students with a platform for hands-on experiential learning.  They also learnt about the different roles aerospace personnel play, from engineering to maintenance.

Moving forward, the aircraft will be used as a teaching tool to train subsequent batches of SEG students. It’s a plane built by students for students!