Every Design Tells a story
School of Design Published on 20 Apr 2018

Growing up, Chok Hui Ling would observe how her parents communicated with her grandparents in Teochew. While she could understand certain phrases, Hui Ling was not able to communicate fluently in the dialect. As a result, this diploma in Visual Communication student found it rather challenging to bond with her grandparents

She decided to change this. She moved in with her grandparents for three months last year and started work on designing a set of Teochew card games. This project brought her closer to her grandparents and she is now able to communicate with them more fluently in Teochew.

Hui Ling's Teochew card game is one of the 155 creative projects showcased at SDN's annual graduation show titled UNIT 18. The theme this year was "REdefine" where students were challenged to break away from the norm and take on projects aimed at addressing societal challenges, preserving history and cultures, and solving real-world problems. 

The SDN family having a light-hearted moment after UNIT18.


During the opening ceremony of UNIT18 on Apr 5, SDN signed MOUs with Grandwork Interior and Robinsons Group of Companies. In addition to supporting the SkillsFuture Earn & Learn Programme as employers, the two companies will collaborate with SDN to deliver customised short courses, and provide industry attachment opportunities for staff and students.