Introduction to Classical Machine Learning

  • Course Aims

    This short course will provide the participants with an overview of classical machine learning (also called shallow learning) in the field of finance.  At the end of the course, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the types of problems that can be solved using machine learning.  The various categories of machine learning being supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning will be explored.  Cases in finance will be discussed and exampled used in the industry will be provided. 
  • Target Audience

    Finance professionals, entrepreneurs, investment professional, technologist who are looking to gain deep skills in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Course Fee

                             Category                                               Fee (Incl. GST)           
    Public         $153.01
    NYP Alumni (10% Off)                           $137.71
  • Application

    Duration : 16 hrs

    Mode of Delivery: Online