The course is beneficial to individuals who aspire to work or are currently working in the biologics industry. It provides an insight to the upstream operations which include media preparation, cell revival and passaging, sterilization, scale-up and aseptic sampling. There will also be hands-on session on cell culture and bioreactor operations.

At the end of the program, participants will learn:

  • Principles and outline of biologics manufacturing processes
  • Sterilization of culture media
  • Cell thawing and revival
  • Feeding strategy and design considerations
  • Instrumentation and process control for bioreactors
  • Preparation of bioreactor and instrumentation

1-day Classroom and 1-day Hands-on Workshop

Classroom session
Workshop session
  • Principles and outline of biologics manufacturing processes
  • Cell culture media development
  • Protein expression systems
  • Principles of fermentation process
  • Design of bioreactor & process monitoring
  • Primary recovery
  • Introduction to cell culture techniques
  • Bioreactor operations