Innovative Teaching and Learning

Our innovative teaching and learning pedagogy begins as soon as you join our School.  At the start of the semester in First Year, you will be immersed and inducted into the design industry and learn what it takes to be a good designer. A unique three-day Design Primer is organised for all our first year students to induct them into the programme. Visits to design companies, talks by practitioners, hands-on workshops and fun-filled activities are organised to introduce you into the world of design.

Once you are in our programmes, every so often, we will introduce projects that require teamwork and different skills to be applied to unfamiliar territory.

You will have the opportunity to work with your peers from other diplomas and in other stages of study. Our integrated projects provide this platform for inter-disciplinary learning.

Under the supervision of experienced lecturers, a team of students from different Diplomas and at different levels of study, will work together on client-based projects. And that’s not all, you will be able to rub shoulders with industry practitioners and learn the best practices from them through critique sessions organised throughout the semesters.

Take a look at our innovative and unique integrated projects under Industry Projects.