• Digital Storytelling (Mandarin) 用数码平台讲故事

    The hands-on course will teach you how to use  videos to tell persuasive stories (either to sell an idea or a product), how to document traditions and how to distribute and share videos on social media. Participants will use their own photographs, video clips and audio clips to create video presentations. Simple, free tools will be introduced for creating these presentations. Participants will also be able to upload these video presentations on YouTube. The course will be conducted in Mandarin.

    通过这个课程,学员们用一个简单易用的软件亲自动手制作视频,来讲诉一个自己的故事或者表达一个想法。 学员们可以用自己或者家人的照片,录像短片来制作该视频,最后还可以上传到YouTube 上与亲朋好友分享。


    Course Date :  13 Feb 2019

    Duration : One day (7 hours)

    Unsubsidised Course Fee : $260.00 (Excl. GST)

    Course Fee Payable/Senior : $148.20 (incl. GST) (This course is pending SSG’s approval for SkillsFuture Credit eligibility)

    Minimum Class Size : 10

    Pre-requisite : NIL


    For more information, please contact Mr. Tan Tsu Soo at

    Tel : (65) 65500497

    Email : tan_tsu_soo@nyp.edu.sg