About the Course

Singapore society has become more affluent and complex with emerging demographic, economic and societal challenges in recent times. The population is also ageing rapidly. Therefore, social safety nets are needed by the means of professionally trained counsellors to help individuals and families deal with the sometimes overwhelming concerns of everyday living. These include job-related difficulties, marital and family problems, illness and disability issues and other personal concerns that required assistance for individuals and families to improve their circumstances and quality of life.

In response to the identified need for more trained counsellors in the social services and education sectors, the Specialist Diploma in Counselling was first developed and launched in 2006 through collaboration with the Social Service Training Institute (SSTI) of the National Council of Social Service, now renamed Social Service Institute (SSI). The course is among the first to receive full recognition and accreditation from the Singapore Association for Counsellors (SAC) as one that prepares individuals to be registered counsellors in Singapore.

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What You'll Study


Participants will be required to attend all 6 academic modules (with a minimum of 85% attendance per module) and will be assessed based on in-course assessments, group presentations, individual reports, group projects, individual written assignments and examinations. Participants must also complete a minimum of 100 hours of face-to-face counselling with an additional 30 hours of supervised counselling.

Upon successful completion of all the Post-Diploma Certificates, participants will be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Counselling by Nanyang Polytechnic.