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Senior Management

Principal & CEO

Ms Jeanne Liew

Principal & CEO


Deputy Principals

Mr Edward Ho 
Deputy Principal (Development)/

Senior Director, School of Engineering


Mr Chan Yew Meng 
Deputy Principal (Academic)/

Senior Director/Centre for Professional & Leadership Development


Mr Henry Heng

Deputy Principal (Organisational Excellence)/

Senior Director/School of Business Management


Mr Ho Hooi Min 
Senior Director, College of Continuing Education

Ms Judy Tan 

Director, Human Resource


Mr Chiang Kah Kee
Director, Foundation & General Studies


Mr Cher Thon Jiang
Director, Office for International Students 


Mr Thambyrajah T
Registrar’s Office


Mr Chua Gim Peng
Director, Student Affairs


Mr Koh Swee Guan

Director (Development), DyP(D)’s Office


Mr Alexius Oh 
Director, Industry Services


Mr Lai Poh Hing

Director, Quality & Planning Office


Dr Valdew Singh 
Director, Centre for Technology Innovation & Commercialisation
Director, Alumni Relations  


Ms Ng Ek Koon
Director, Purchasing & General Administration


Mr Teddy Ong

Director, Professional Development Centre


Mr Ang Eng Nam
Director, Estates Management


Mr Daniel Wee 

Director, Library


Mr Santokh Singh
Director, Communications & Outreach


Ms Su Kally 
Director, Finance


Ms Law Chin Choo 
Director, Computer & Network Centre


Dr Mathew Lau 
Deputy Director, Professional Development Centre


Ms Sim Gek Cheok

Deputy Director (Operations)


Mr Wee Aik Hwee
Deputy Director, Student Affairs


Ms Goh Geok Choo
Deputy Director (Information Systems)
Computer & Network Centre


Mr Chai Kuek Heng

Deputy Registrar
Registrar’s Office


Mr Quek Chin Joo

Assistant Registrar


Mr Daniel Liu 

Deputy Director, Quality & Planning Office


Mr Julias Wikarta 
Deputy Director, Human Resource

Ms Teo Phay Hoon

Assistant Director, Outreach Programme


Ms Jayanthi Gopal 

Assistant Director, Communications


Ms Christine Chua

Assistant Director, Human Resource


Ms Lina Chong

Assistant Director, Student Affairs


Mr Terence Ang

Assistant Director, Facilities & Services



School of Engineering

Mr Edward Ho

Senior Director


Ms Lim Siew Eng 

Director, Centre of Innovation (Electronics)


Mr Lam Yook Ming

Deputy Director (Robotics & Automation Systems)


Mr Austin Goh

Deputy Director (Projects)


Dr Choo Keng Wah

Deputy Director (Bio-Electronics)


Mr Michael Cheong
Deputy Director (InfoComm)


Mr Desmond Tan

Deputy Director (Aerospace & Precision Engineering)



School of Information Technology

Mr Dennis Ang



Ms Loh Chuu Yi

Deputy Director (Business Informatics)


Mr Kelvin Ng
Deputy Director(Systems & Network)


Mr Melvyn Suan Ngiap Meng

Assistant Director (Mobile Innovation)



School of Design 

Mr Lee Youn Kay



Mr Tan Khee Soon

Deputy Director (Academic)



School of Interactive & Digital Media 

Mr Daniel Tan 


Dr Ng Kian Bee
Deputy Director (Interactive Design & Effects)


Mr Yang Tien
Deputy Director (Animation)

Deputy Director (Makerspace)


Mr Albert Lim
Deputy Director (Games and Digital Entertainment) 
Deputy Director (Projects) 



School of Business Management

Mr Henry Heng

Senior Director


Ms Denise Leong
Deputy Director


Ms Esther Ho
Assistant Director 

Ms Sharon Lhu

Assistant Director


Ms Soo Siew Lee

Assistant Director



School of Chemical & Life Sciences 

Dr Joel Lee



Mr Yow Kum Pang
Deputy Director (Chemical Engineering)


Mr Wong Poh Seng

Assistant Director (Chemical)


Mr Anand Krishnasamy

Assistant Director (Life Sciences)


Mr Richard Khaw
Assistant Director (Food & Pharmaceutical Sciences)



School of Health Sciences (Allied Health)

Ms Lau Cheng Mun


Dr Bryan Chua
Deputy Director (Allied Health)



School of Health Sciences (Nursing)

Ms Bella Tan

Director (Nursing)


Ms Doris Chan
Assistant Director (Continuing Education and Training) 


Ms Koo May Yeok
Assistant Director (Pre-Employment Training)



Asian Culinary Institute of Singapore

Mr Tan Jek Min




Singapore Institute of Retail Studies

Ms Megan Ong



Ms Diane Wee
Assistant Director



Secondment to NYP International

Mr Foong Tze Foon



Mr Anthony Woon

Director (Projects)

International Development 


Mr Lim Choon Guan

Director (Training & Planning)

TVET Development Institute 


Ms Esther Bay Buay Gek

Deputy Director (International Relations)

TVET Development Institute


Mr Chao Tiang Ming
Deputy Director (Training & Planning)/TVET Development Institute