• Deliver an Enriching Student Experience

    From teaching and learning to student activities, mentor support as well as services, we provide our students an enriching experience and develop them into industry-ready graduates who are professionally proficient, innovative and enterprising, competent in 21st century skills and socially responsible.


  • Promote NYP as a Polytechnic of Choice

    We reach out to prospective students and help them make informed choices. We impart education and career guidance to attract students who have the strengths, interests and aspirations to benefit from our brand of education and training in nurturing innovative and enterprising graduates.


  • Grow Our Alumni Relationships

    We facilitate and engage our alumni in continuing education and training, industry collaboration and professional connection. Our alumni is a resource and support for initiatives and programmes that provide an enriching and fulfilling experience for our students.  


  • Support the CET Needs of the Workforce

    We play a crucial role in supporting the SkillsFuture national movement. We provide learning opportunities from skills deepening and mastery to professional conversion to help adult learners remain competitive in the workforce and relevant to the economy. 


  • Collaborate with Business and Industry

    Through collaborations, we support the business and industry in technology adoption, productivity improvement and innovation acceleration. These partnerships also help build our capabilities and keep our education and training industry‐relevant. 


  • Internationalise NYP

    We live in an interconnected world in which dynamic changes are not isolated. Our colleagues and students need to view new developments from a global perspective, appreciate the differences in practice and be able to function across diverse cultures.


  • Nurture the Spirit of Innovation and Enterprise

    In today’s innovation-driven economy, developing our students as innovative and enterprising individuals is critical for their pursuit of passion and excellence. We provide the environment, opportunities and support to nurture such mindset in colleagues and students.