Notebook Ownership Scheme

At Nanyang Polytechnic, we believe in the use of notebook computers as a learning and communication tool. Taking advantage of our campus-wide wireless network, you can bring your notebook computer to lectures, tutorials, for E-Learning and doing projects.

The notebook computer will allow you to access your email, login to our e-learning portal, surf the internet for information, access library online databases, participate in online discussions and work on your homework assignments, anywhere and anytime on campus.

The use of mobile learning devices like a notebook computer is critical in today’s business environment. What better way to get a head start on these technologies than to use them whilst you are still in school.

You would find yourself spending a lot of your time on your notebook computer on campus and outside to work on your assessments, reports, prepare for presentations using MS PowerPoint and many other software.

Therefore we encourage you to buy a notebook computer to take advantage of these learning opportunities. The notebook you would have will give you the mobility and freedom to choose to learn where and when you want in the campus.

You can find the specifications of the recommended models of the notebook or MacBook via Acer's, ASUS's, HP's and Sapura's websites as in the table.

Student Notebook Insurance

To purchase Student Notebook Insurance, click here.

(All notebooks purchased within 30 days are eligible.  Complete the purchase form and mail it to

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