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By Student Care & Guidance Published on 14 Jul 2017

Hi Everyone,


Welcome back to NYP! I would like to take this opportunity to share with you about something that is very important to Singapore and has a great impact on my life.


On 1 July 2017, Singapore celebrated 50 years of National Service (NS). Many of you are aware that every male Singaporean Citizen has to serve two years of NS. Hence, your male Singaporean friends will be embarking on this rite of passage after their graduation.


NS was introduced in 1967, two years after Singapore was separated from Malaysia, to provide our country with a credible defence force. The thousands of men who have served their NS have contributed to the peace and stability that we all enjoy in Singapore. Today, we face a serious security threat and as such, we need a strong defence force more than ever.


NS also offers an ideal opportunity for young men to build strength of character, grow in maturity, develop leadership skills and forge strong ties among Singaporeans from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.  


From a personal experience, I also learned a lot from my time in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). I learned about teamwork, pushing my limits and looking out for my buddies. Many of my life and work values are moulded during my time in the army.


As Singapore celebrates 50 years of NS and 52 years of independence, I would like to encourage all international students to visit the Army Museum at the Singapore Discovery Centre to learn more about National Service and how you as an international students can be part of Singapore’s Total Defence.


Joseph Lee
Student Care & Guidance. 

One Heart 2017

Six NYP student leaders and 24 NYP students spent two Saturdays (6 and 13 May 2017) to bring joy and laughter to 100 senior citizens by participating in an inter-polytechnic event called “One Heart 2017” which was organised by Republic Polytechnic.


Together with students from the other polytechnics, they organised simple games and art and crafts activities and bonded with the elderly. They also watched the “Uncles and Aunties” dance and sing happily to their favourite Karaoke tunes. The elderly were excited to make new friends and eager to share their life stories with the students. 


The highlight of the event was the segment where the students accompanied their new elderly friends for a sponsored groceries shopping at Big Box Supermarket at Jurong East. The students and the elderly spent the afternoon walking up and down the aisles of the supermarket looking for bargains and buying basic necessities.


It was a meaningful and heart-warming event as both the students and the elderly bonded over the activities. The elderly enjoyed the time with the students and appreciated the efforts to bring them joy and laughter.  Many of the elderly expressed that they are looking forward to joining the One Heart event every year.


We hope that the students also had a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing them again at One Heart 2018. If you are interested in participating in One Heart 2018, please drop Mr Joseph Lee an email to register your interest.

NYP Integration Ambassadors

15 NYP students attended a 2D1N cross cultural awareness programme called “Diversity. Inclusion You.” or D.I.Y at Temasek Polytechnic in June 2017, to be trained as Integration Ambassadors (IAs).


They joined the IAs from the other polytechnics in the D.I.Y programme and gained many insights and awareness of their own biasness and stereotype, while appreciating the diversity that exists in Singapore.


The IAs engaged in deep discussions about incidents in Singapore that caused tension among difference races or between different nationalities. They also suggested ways to mediate these situations as IAs. 

Three Senior IAs were also involved in the D.I.Y as leaders and they led their juniors in discussions about issues on integration, race and religion.


It was the fasting month during the programme and many Muslims IAs invited their non-Muslim IA friends to break fast with them. It was a good opportunity for many of the non-Muslim IAs as they had never experienced this before.


It was a fruitful 2D1N as our NYP IAs formed new friendships across the five polytechnics and they are ready to serve as our NYP Integration Ambassadors.