National Service (NS)

Request for NS Deferment to pursue study in Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

If you are liable to serve NS but have not earlier applied to CMPB for NS deferment and wish to commence your NYP course in April 2018, please apply for NS deferment at CMPB's website. CMPB will require you to submit a copy of NYP's Letter of Certification (LOC). The LOC can be requested from NYP i@Central (Information & Service Centre) at Blk A Level 1.

Upon receiving CMPB’s approval for NS deferment, please submit your course acceptance under the Online Enrolment System if you have not done so and also submit a copy of the CMPB approval letter to NYP i@Central, Blk A Level 1 by mail or hand for Admissions Office to process your enrolment.

Click here to check on NS Deferment cut-off-age for further studies. 

Request for Course Reservation to serve NS

If you are unable to obtain approval for NS deferment, you need to submit your Course Reservation Request via the Online Enrolment System and send your CMPB enlistment letter to NYP i@Central, Blk A, Level 1 for us to reserve a place for you. You will receive a confirmation letter from NYP Admissions Office by end June of the year of your course reservation request. If you did not receive by then, please call our Hotline at 6455 0500 or 6451 5115.