Withdrawal from Course of Study


  1. Students who wish to withdraw from their course must complete a Withdrawal Form which can be obtained from myNYP Portal or their respective School’s General Administration Office. The completed form should be submitted to the i@Central, at Blk A, Level 1, Unit A.146.

  2. Students must return all property belonging to Nanyang Polytechnic and settle all outstanding bills prior to the submission of the withdrawal form.

  3. Students under 21 are to obtain their parent’s/guardian’s signature.

  4. All students must proceed to the following offices before submitting the withdrawal forms personally to the i@Central, at Blk A, Level 1, Unit A.146:
    a.    Respective School’s General Administration Office
    b.    Library @ Blk A, Level 4

  5. International students must return their Student Pass to Immigration and Checkpoints Authority(ICA) within seven (7) days from the date of withdrawal.



  • If you have paid your fees, the fees will be refunded to you based on the refund guidelines as stated here.
  • However, if you have not paid your fees upon withdrawal, you will be billed the fees payable.

There will be no processing of withdrawal from 15th week of the 1st or 2nd Semester till the release of the semestral results. For any withdrawals received during the above period, the student will be considered to have sat for the exam and may be removed. If the student is not removed, the withdrawal date will be post-dated to the day the semestral results are released.

Nanyang Polytechnic reserves the right to take any appropriate action it deems necessary where a student fails to comply with withdrawal procedures and regulations.