Use of Personal Mobility Devices, Aids & Vehicles

Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs)

Personal mobility devices (PMDs) include kick-scooters, electric scooters, electric unicycles, electric hover boards, skateboards, roller skates and similar devices.

Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs)

Personal mobility aids (PMAs) refer to devices that are meant to provide mobility to people who are less mobile, such as motorised wheelchairs for the elderly or physically disabled.

Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMVs)

Personal mobility vehicles (PMVs) refer to PMAs, PMDs, bicycles and electric bicycles. 

Use of PMDs & PMAs 

The following guidelines/policies are put in place for the safety of all students, staff and visitors using the internal linkways. 


1. The use of PMDs, bicycles and electric bicycles are prohibited on all internal linkways, corridors, and in gardens and courtyards. PMAs are, however, allowed in these areas.

2. The use of PMAs, PMDs and bicycles are allowed on external footpaths at a speed limit of 15km/h. Electric bicycles are prohibited.

3. On the campus ring roads, only bicycles and LTA-approved electric bicycles are allowed, at a speed limit of 25km/h. PMAs and PMDs are prohibited.

4. Security service providers will be allowed to use PMDs (e.g. Eco-riders or similar devices) after office hours or in the event of an emergency, to carry out their duties.

Jogging/Running and Activities

5. Activities which block and cause inconvenience to users are prohibited on all internal linkways. These include, but are not limited to, jogging or running in groups and interval training, etc.  

6. Exception: Jogging/running along Level 3 linkway is allowed only after 6.30pm. Jogging/running is also allowed on external footpaths along our roads within the campus, sports facilities and NAPFA zones. However, these activities are prohibited on the campus ring roads.


Mode/Type of PMD Internal link ways, corridors,
gardens & courtyards
Campus ring roads
(Speed Limit - 25 km/h)
(Speed Limit - 15 km/h except for running)

Personal Mobility Aid
e.g. motorised wheelchairs mobility scooters

Conventional Bicycle

Personal Mobility Device
e.g. skateboard, kick-scooter, electric scooters,
electric unicycle and
electric hoverboads including skateboards and
roller skates

Electric Bicycle

(Allowed at level 3 link way after 6:30pm only)