Polytechnic Property

Students must report any loss or damage of property to any polytechnic staff or office immediately.

Students should not copy/store unnecessary files in computers at the common computer laboratories as this may introduce viruses into the system or clutter up hard disk space.

Students are warned against vandalising table tops and other furniture in the lecture theatres, laboratories, studios, classrooms and other areas of the Polytechnic.

Students are also warned against damaging any fixtures/furnishings of the Polytechnic. Such acts amount to vandalism and will not be tolerated. This also inconveniences other students who may not be able to make full use of facilities provided. Any form of vandalism will not be tolerated and students found guilty will be severely dealt with.

In addition, in order to promote graciousness, NYP has an ongoing “Return Your Tray” campaign. Everyone is encouraged to return their own tray, crockery and cutlery after meals at all NYP canteens and food courts.