Transitlink Diploma Student Concession Card

Application for the Diploma Student Concession Card

All full-time enrolled students are eligible to apply for concessionary travel on buses, MRT and LRT with the Diploma Student Concession Card. Please check the TransitLink website for information on the concession scheme, as well as the application process.

For students who apply for the Diploma Student Concession Card during the major enrolment period between March and end May, you need not submit a photo to TransitLink separately as the photo image will be retrieved from the polytechnic’s database. i@Central will assist in the card distribution to students when the cards are ready for collection. Click for the campus map to get to i@Central, located on level 1 at Block A.

For students who apply after the major enrolment period, you may like to refer to TransitLink website.


Loss of Diploma Student Concession Card

The TransitLink website details how you can get a replacement card.