Learning at NYP

Wide Range of Courses

To meet the demands of different interests and aspirations, the various Schools in NYP offer a wide range of courses in Business Management, Chemical & Life Sciences, Design, Engineering, Health Sciences, Information Technology and Interactive & Digital Media. These courses are developed and reviewed regularly in close consultation with the industry to ensure timeliness and relevancy in fast-paced Singapore. Find out more about our Schools by clicking on the links below:

Innovative Teaching & Learning

Teaching Factory Concept - We Bring the Industry to You!

Learning at NYP happens in an integrated environment that emulates the real world. This involves recreating authentic industry environments and facilities within the campus, so that you train with latest equipment and technologies. You will have the opportunity to get a taste of real work processes through attachments and participation in industry-commissioned projects, supervised by experienced staff.

This means that when you graduate, you’ll be well equipped with the knowledge and skills that are relevant to the industry of your choice, or in the discipline of your further education.



The subjects in your curricula have been developed into multimedia packages, allowing you to carry out self-paced e-learning, made all the more accessible via Internet-enabled PCs throughout the campus. This successful e-learning framework is made possible by our Accumulated Experience Sharing (AES®) innovation, an in-house repository of knowledge and experiences gained from past industry projects completed by NYP students and staff.

Currently, we have over 5,000 cases captured in AES®, each containing key learning points, project requirements and specifications in multiple media. This means you will have access to information about a wide range of projects, representing different Schools and industries, often beyond your own scope of study.



Courses at NYP adopt a modular & credit-based academic system. Find out more about it here.

For an all-rounded education, we also provide opportunities for learning subject areas outside your main discipline under the General Studies Modules. For instance, you can learn about nanotechnology or the science and chemistry of make-up, or take up a new language and learn a new sport.


Global Opportunities for NYP Students

Travel, learn and in the process, broaden your horizons. We have built strong collaborations with renowned overseas institutions and key industry partners, creating extensive opportunities for you to study and work outside of Singapore. Such overseas stints give you first-hand experiences in a cultural, educational and business environment that is markedly different from our own. This international exposure can take several forms:



You’ll have the opportunity to go for overseas attachments or study visits to the US, Europe, the UK, Australia, China and other parts of Asia, to help you develop a global mind-set. Through programmes with foreign universities and institutions, you get to exchange ideas with local students and professionals, and gain invaluable insight into international developments and joint project ventures.



NYP students are chalking up a distinct reputation as record breakers in prestigious international competitions like the WorldSkills Competition, Microsoft Imagine Cup, and the FIRA RoboWorld Cup. You are encouraged to benchmark your own knowledge and skills by participating in international competitions to pit yourself against the best, and make your mark on the world.



We prepare you for international exposure through our Foreign Language Centre (FLC), which provides full-time NYP students with foreign language training in French, German, Japanese and Korean. The lessons are not confined to the classroom as they are often conducted through interactive e-learning and mobile learning.

You may also choose to participate in the four corresponding foreign cultural clubs (L’Hexagone French Club, Der Treff German Club, the Sakuran Japanese Cultural Club and K-Wave Club). They regularly organise cultural and sports activities, exchange programmes, overseas study tours and company visits. Locally, there are also many exciting foreign language-related competitions and cultural events organised by the target language communities; allowing you to improve your acquired foreign language and cultural skills.