Vibrant Campus Life at NYP

At NYP, we encourage you to develop a broad variety of interests and discover your hidden talents by participating in the numerous and varied CCAs coordinated by the Student Development Department. You may want to choose activities from the various categories:


Academic Clubs

In NYP, every school has its own academic club to serve, nurture and support NYP students in the school. Our academic clubs focus on creating opportunities for students to build further on their teamwork and interests within their chosen schools.


Arts & Culture

NYP campus life is hallmarked by its vibrant arts scene! Take a peep here to find out how you can immerse yourself in the artistic arena.


Community Service & Environment

NYP students have always demonstrated their compassion for the less privileged. Apply your unique personality and various talents by engaging in community service through local and regional activities.


Sports & Adventure

Come relax your mind after a hard day of studying and get a good workout at one of our excellent sports facilities. Choose from a host of activities and get the chance to socialise with your peers.


Leadership & Character Development

Learning at NYP goes beyond the classroom. Develop your interests and realise your leadership potential through activities like seminars, workshops, training camps and exchange programmes with youths from regional institutions.



The Registry of Societies (ROS) Clubs were formed by students to promote awareness and understanding of the various faiths and cultures within the NYP student community.


For more information, there is a section later in this handbook under the "Student Care & Guidance Department"