You're in Good Hands!

Qualified & Experienced Lecturers

The education you will receive at NYP is multi-faceted and immersive, with caring lecturers who are industry experts in their respective fields. Tap into their wealth of real-world knowledge about scenarios and applications. This can help you develop a sense of innovation and enterprise, prepare you for your career and further education. In addition, NYP has a Centre for Professional & Leadership Development to continually enhance teaching and learning approaches at the polytechnic.


Caring, Nuturing & Inspiring Mentors

Every student in NYP will have your very own Personal Mentor! These mentors are here to help you adjust to polytechnic life, walk alongside with you and give you guidance.


Professional Counsellors

Professional counsellors are available to listen and offer advice if you face difficulties coping with your studies, or encounter challenges in your personal life. Click here for more information on how you can avail yourself to these services.

For more information, there is a section later in this handbook under the “Student Care & Guidance Department”.


Get Ahead with Bond-Free Scholarships at NYP

NYP has many prestigious scholarships you can apply for.