02 May 1.00 pm

Instructions and information for graduands fromSchool of Information Technology

Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Information Security
Diploma in Engineering Informatics


The School of Information Technology (SIT) extends its heartiest congratulations to all graduands.
For graduands from the above-mentioned diplomas, the Graduation Ceremony will be held on Tuesday, 2 May 2017, 1.00 pm at the Auditorium at Nanyang Polytechnic. Please note the following reporting time:

Diploma Time of session Reporting Time
Information Technology, Information Security, Engineering Informatics Tuesday, 2 May 1.00 pm 11.30 am

All graduands must report at Blk A Central, Atrium 1hr 30mins before their session. On arrival at the Atrium, you are to assemble in the mustering area. Once in line, please remain in your position so as not to upset the procession order. You will be briefed on the proceedings of the ceremony.

The graduands will enter the Auditorium approximately an hour before the start of your session.

Award winners are to report to the Auditorium Foyer at 11.30 am.


For any enquiries, you may contact the hotline no: 6550 1600


  1. 1.

    All graduands, including those in National Service, are to indicate your attendance by 14 April 2017 via NYP Graduation website. Please login using your Admission No. as login ID and your Birth Date (in YYYYMMDD format) as the password.

    Alternatively, you may send an SMS to 73333 to indicate your attendance - SMS format: nypgr <Admission No.> <Birth Date in YYYYMMDD> <Y/N> <No. of Guest> [e.g. 141234A 19970228 Y 1]. Upon successful submission of your attendance, you will receive the following message "The response to your graduation ceremony attendance has been successfully updated/saved." If you do not receive the message it means that your response has not been successfully received.

  2. 2.If a graduand fails to respond by the deadline, it will be assumed that he/she will not be attending the ceremony and no arrangements will be made for his/her attendance at the Graduation Ceremony.
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Order of Proceedings

  1. 1.At the start of the session, the assembly will stand and the official procession will enter the auditorium.
  2. 2.The proceedings will begin when marshals indicate to you to line up at the side of the auditorium.
  3. 3.Queue up the steps leading to the stage. When your turn comes, move towards the staff on stage and hand him/her your Name Slip. Your name will be read as it appears in the Name Slip. Advance to the spot marked 'X' on stage and stop there. As soon as your name is called, walk briskly towards the Director of School. Receive your diploma folder with both hands and thank the Director of School. Face the photographer/audience and smile to have your photo taken. Move to the other side of the stage and walk down the steps. There will be marshals to direct you to collect your diploma and thereafter to your seat.
  4. 4.At the end of the ceremony, please stand and remain standing in your places until the official procession has left the auditorium and marshals signal to you to file out.

Name Slip

  1. 5.When you register at the Auditorium on the day, you will be given a Name Slip. Scan this card at the Scanning Station as you line up to go on stage. When it is your turn to receive your diploma, hand your Name Slip to the staff on stage. This slip will be passed to the Reader who will read your name as it appears in the Name Slip.


  1. 6.Graduands and guests are not to leave their seats during the Ceremony to take photographs as this may cause distraction and obstruction to the Ceremony proceedings. Arrangements have been made for a professional photographer to photograph every graduand receiving his/her diploma.
  2. 7.You may place your order for copies of the photographs with the official photographer at the Atrium after the Ceremony.

Invitation Card

  1. 8.Each graduand may invite a maximum of TWO (2) guests to the ceremony.
  2. 9.The invitation cards (2) are enclosed in the graduate package that is mailed to your residential address.

Admission to Auditorium

  1. 10.Please note that admission to the auditorium will be strictly controlled. The attention of graduands and guests attending the ceremony is drawn to the following:
    1. a.Graduands must bring their student card or identity card with them.
    2. b.Admission of guests is by invitation card. One invitation card admits one guest only.

Car Parking

  1. 11.Nanyang Polytechnic is located within walking distance from the Yio Chu Kang MRT Station. In view of the limited parking facilities and possible heavy traffic on campus on Graduation Day, we would like to encourage graduands and their guests to travel by MRT to the Polytechnic.
  2. 12.If you intend to drive, please park at Car-Park No. 5, opposite the Auditorium. There will be directional signs and guards to guide you to the car parks designated for parking by graduands and their guests. Parking will be on a first-come-first-served basis.


All graduands attending the Graduation Ceremony must be properly attired as befits the occasion. Graduands who are inappropriately attired WILL NOT be presented on stage.

The NYP Graduation Attire consists of a one-piece robe with a detachable collar flap, as shown below. More details on the sale, rental and collection of the NYP Graduation Attire can be found at the website.

Female Graduands

Recommended outfits:
  • Dress/Blouse, preferably long sleeve, with high collar. Skirt length should be around knees or longer.
  • Dress pants are permitted.
  • Court shoes or pumps.
  • Neat hairdo / natural tone
Unacceptable dressing:
  • Casual pants/Jeans, T-shirts, Polo shirts, Shorts, Culottes, Bermudas, Sports shoes, slippers, open toe sandals.
  • Mini-skirts/Skirts with exceptionally high slits. Any dress considered provocative or revealing e.g. low cut, bare midriff, transparent top, blouse unbuttoned.

Male Graduands

Recommended outfits:
  • Long-sleeve shirt with tie and dark coloured pants. Dark coloured shoes with socks
  • Short neat hairdo / natural tone.
  • Hair should not be below shirt collar.
  • Tying of hair is not acceptable.
Unacceptable dressing:
  • Casual pants/Jeans, T-shirts, Polo shirts, Shorts, Culottes, Bermudas, Sports shoes, slippers, open toe sandals.

* Full-Time National Servicemen (NSF) are expected to change into the recommended outfit, as indicated above

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) is working closely with NYP to enhance weight management programmes at Polys, and will be collecting data from graduands as part of this exercise. Please note that we will take the opportunity to measure your height and weight at the Graduation Gown Centre (GCC) during the gown collection period and will be on a voluntary basis. Please be rest assured that this information will be kept confidential and only aggregated data will be reported.


  1. 1.When you go on stage, a diploma folder will be presented to you. To ensure that all diplomas are correctly issued, the folder will not contain any document. You will collect the diploma outside the auditorium.
  2. 2.After leaving the stage, you will be ushered to a counter in the Auditorium Foyer to collect your diploma. Please make sure that you have your Student Card or NRIC with you before you go on stage, as you may be asked to produce your Student Card or NRIC for verification during collection of diploma.
  3. 3.After collecting your diploma, please return to your seat immediately. Do not remain outside to take photographs. There will be sufficient time after the ceremony for you to take photographs with your family members and friends.

For those who are unable to attend the Graduation Ceremony

  1. 4.If you are unable to attend the Graduation Ceremony, you may collect your diploma from 15 May 2017 onwards.
  2. 5.Please collect your diploma from i@Central (Blk A, Level 1, A.146, facing the auditorium) during office hours:
    Office hours
    Monday - Thursday 8.30 am – 5.30 pm
    Friday 8.30 am – 5.00 pm

    In the event that you are unable to collect your diploma in person, you may authorise, in writing, a proxy to collect the diploma on your behalf. Your proxy's identity card number must be clearly stated in the authorisation letter and he/she must bring along his/her identity card when collecting the diploma.

  3. 6.You are advised to collect your diploma promptly. We wish to bring to your attention that while the Polytechnic makes every effort to safe keep uncollected diplomas, it shall not be responsible for the loss or damage of any uncollected diplomas.


Please relay the following instructions to your guests

  1. 1.On arrival, guests should proceed to Blk A Central, Atrium. Ushers will show them to their seats after all graduands have been seated.
  2. 2.All guests must be seated 45 mins before the start of the session.
  3. 3.Guests should not leave their seats to take photographs near the stage as this will obstruct the passage of graduands as they move up to the stage and back to their seats.
  4. 4.Guests should not leave the auditorium until the entire ceremony is over.
  5. 5.At the end of the ceremony, guests should stand and remain in their places until the official procession has left the auditorium.
  6. 6.After the ceremony, graduands and their guests are invited to refreshment. Please follow the directions of the ushers.
  7. 7.As NYP is not printing hardcopies of the graduands list, guests can download the graduands list from the graduation website accessible from As the signal in the auditorium is weak, it is advisable that the downloading be done before the ceremony.


Outstanding Loans of NYP Property

  1. 1.Graduands must settle any outstanding NYP property (e.g. library books, library fines, sports or lab equipment) and fees with the Polytechnic before they are allowed to attend the Graduation Ceremony. Please settle all your outstanding payment, if any, before the Graduation Ceremony.

Full-Time National Servicemen (NSF)

  1. 2.NYP will inform MINDEF about the Graduation Ceremony. However, the decision as to whether NSF will be released from camp to attend their Graduation Ceremony lies with MINDEF. The release of NSF is subject to exigencies of services and to each unit's training schedule. Please show the cover letter to your officer as some MINDEF units require proof of the Graduation Ceremony before releasing NSF from their units for the day.

NYP Graduates' Association (NYPGA)

  1. 3.Formed in 1996, the NYPGA aims to better support and cater to the needs of NYP graduates. The Association will set up a counter at the Atrium on Graduation Day to help you with your enquiries on how to register for membership.