Centre for Innovation, Research & Enterprise (CIRE)

CIRE serves as a one stop technology transfer service centre for all research, innovation & enterprise (RIE)-related activities. We work closely with staff, students and industry partners to bring impactful ideas to the market, where we oversee the following:

  • Facilitate innovation & enterprise-related training and development for staff and students;
  • Enable entrepreneurship development for students and alumni;
  • Support R&D grant applications to pursue capability development;
  • Seek collaboration with industry partners and institutions;
  • Protection, management and commercial exploitation of NYP-owned intellectual property rights (IPRs).


  • Innovation & Enterprise (I&E)

    Together with the schools we have various programs and activities in place to Engage, Enable and Empower our students. Students are free to create and innovate to explore ideas and develop solutions to solve problems or be entrepreneurial to seek new business opportuntiies.

    The following support services and resources are available:

    1. MAKERSPACE, located at Blk P220, where prototypes can be developed 
    2. NEST (NYP Entrepreneurship Start-up) Incubator for office space
    3. Mentors to advice and guide would-be entrepreneurs

    A number of our students and alumni have successfully embarked on their entrepreneurship journey to realise their dreams and ambitions.

  • IP Management & Commercialization

    Through the effort of our staff to pursue R&D and capability development, NYP has the following portfolio of technologies and IPs ready for commercialization, which can help companies differentiate and improve their competitive advantage:

    • Biotech (Life Sciences/Biomedical Devices & Systems/Bioinformatics)
    • IT & Computer (Software/Mobile & Wireless/Security & Identification)
    • Nanotechnology (Nano-materials)
    • Engineeering (Electrical & Electronics/Robotics & Automation/Mechanical Devices)
  • R&D and Collaboration Opportunities

    In order to facilitate knowledge creation and capability development to keep abreast of advances in technology and changes in business needs to remain current and relevant, our staff actively pursue applied R&D. The following are the 5 key focus areas where collaboration with industry partners, universities and research intitutes are welcome:

    1. Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering
    2. Health & Biomedical Engineering
    3. Services & Digital Economy
    4. Urban Solutions & Sustainability
    5. Education