Stretch your skills and keep an active mind & body when you join a CCA! Choose from more than 80 clubs and societies in arts, sports, leadership and community service.

Why Soccer?

Because it is more than dribbling, passing, heading, shooting and scoring goals on the field. You will learn unforgettable life lessons from the coaches and make lasting friendships with teammates in this team sport. The club has been organising the annual Futbol Sala competition since 2013. It has evolved into a seven-a-side tournament, and football lovers from NYP’s seven schools eagerly look forward to it every year.

Kicking Off

Captain of NYP’s Men’s Soccer Team, SHAHRUL IZWAN FARIZAL has represented NYP in tournaments and friendlies such as the local Polytechnic-ITE (POL-ITE) Soccer Tournament and Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Soccer Tournaments in Hong Kong. Passionate about the sport, he has become a role model to his teammates.

“Joining this CCA has helped me mature as a player and as a person, instilling values like punctuality, teamwork and sportsmanship. My soccer experiences at NYP also taught me that it’s what you make of the chances you get that matters.”

Shahrul Izwan Farizal

Year 3 student

Why Wushu?

JOEY BOO HWEE YI is an accomplished wushu practitioner who won national competitions when she was still a student at NYP. She was both vice-president of the Wushu club and president of the Martial Arts Club, which encompasses Kendo, Judo, Aikido, Wushu, Silat, Taekwondo and Kickboxing. For her leadership skills and CCA contribution, she received the NYP Star Award.

“My love for wushu grew during my three years in NYP’s Wushu club. I’ve been involved in performances and competitions. I’ve also come to understand the true meaning of team spirit and that a good leader spares a thought for others and shows appreciation for people’s efforts.”

Joey Boo Hwee Yi

Class of 2017


Because this musical club rocks! Made up of wind and string sections, it was the first polytechnic symphony orchestra formed in Singapore in 2002. The club regularly holds concerts – such as Sinfonietta – and travels overseas for exchanges and competitions.

“I was appointed the student conductor for NYPSO for two years. When I started conducting, I received a lot of criticism, but that just pushed me to want to be better. I’ve also received a lot of encouragement along the way. What keeps me going is my love and enjoyment for the art.”

Dominic Koh

Year 3 student

Why Foreign Bodies?

Because you can feel the earth move under your dancing feet! Students who join Foreign Bodies are passionate about street dance and spend endless hours practising and honing their skills – from hip-hop to popping, locking and waacking.

“I’ve always had a passion for dance but never had the chance to learn. When I found out about Foreign Bodies before I came to NYP, I was really excited about joining this CCA. We don’t have any instructors. Instead, we learn from our seniors. There are also alumni who come back to share their dance knowledge with us and even join in some of our performances. Foreign Bodies is made up of not only current students, but every student who has ever joined. That’s what makes the club so special.”

Daniel Eishi Mita Chua Yao Ren

Year 2 student

Why Photography Club?

Because there is so much fun to capture on camera! Since joining the club, AARON LIM CHENG KIAT has volunteered his time to photograph various NYP events.

“When I’m taking photos at these events, I get to explore angles and try more creative shots, which help to sharpen my photography skills. Through working independently, my decision-making ability has also become stronger. The club is a great training ground for anyone interested in photography. I run my own media company, SyncPictures, and the things I’ve learnt as a student photographer helps me in my professional work.”

Aaron Lim Cheng Kiat

Year 2 student

Why SCL Club?

Because the members of the School of Chemical & Life Sciences (SCL) Club share bonds stronger than any chemical compound. From Freshmen Orientations, Recruitment Drive Camps, Leadership Camps to National Day Celebrations, Community Projects and SCL Champions League, this club organises a wide spectrum of activities that give SCL students more chances to socialise and have fun.

The Life behind Science

For YIP QIU MEI, being the president of SCL Club means it can sometimes be tough to make sure she has enough time for both studies and club activities. But performing this balancing act has strengthened her time management and people skills.

“The support of my exco members and Ms Lilian Huang, our lecturer-in- charge, motivates me and keeps me going when I encounter difficulties. Since joining the club, I’ve become a more outspoken and approachable person. I’ve learnt that it’s important to listen to other people’s opinions, rather than just tell them what to do.”

Yip Qiu Mei

Year 3 student

Choose your Activity!


• Adventure Club
• Aikido
• Archery
• Athletics
• Badminton
• Basketball
• Bei Quan Dao
• Bowling
• Canoe Sprint
• Dragonboat
• Floorball
• Hockey
• Judo
• Kendo
• Life Saving
• Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe
• Mindsports Club
• Netball
• Running Club
• Silat
• Soccer
• Squash
• Street Workout
• Strongman
• Swimming
• Table Tennis
• Taekwondo
• Tchoukball
• Tennis
• Touch Football
• Ultimate Frisbee
• Volleyball
• Water Polo
• Wushu


• Chinese Cultural Group
• Chinese Orchestra
• Dance Company
• Danz Inc.
• Der Treff German Club
• Foreign Bodies
• Guitar Club
• Harmonica Ensemble
• Indian Cultural Group
• K-Wave Korean Club
• L’Hexagone French Club
• La Ballroom En Masse
• Live Audio
• Makeup Artistry
• Malay Cultural Group
• Piano Ensemble
• Sakuran Japanese Cultural Club
• Sketch Art
• SoundCard
• StageArts Drama and Theatre Club
• Symphony Orchestra
• Voice Ensemble


• SBM Club
• SCL Club
• SDN Club
• SEG Club
• SHS Club
• SIDM Club
• SIT Club


• Astronomy Club
• BB Primers
• Buddhist Society
• CD Lionhearters
• Community Service Club
• Emcee Club
• GEO Council
• International Friendship Club
• Legion of Mary
• Leo Club
• Mentoring Club
• Rotaract Club


• Ambassadorial Team
• Current Affairs & Debating Club
• Entrepreneurship Club
• Library Champions
• NYAA Students’ Club
• Photography Club
• Students’ Union
• The Communicators
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