Alumna, Diploma in Nursing
School of Health Sciences

When Rachel Chua told her parents that she wanted to transfer from her business management course to nursing, they were understandably taken aback. Why pick nursing, a rather challenging profession over the more glamourous world of business?

But Rachel’s mind was made up. When she volunteered at the Singapore Cancer Society, she was deeply influenced by the nurses she observed, and she wanted to work in an environment that allowed her to adopt a hands-on approach to improving the lives of others.

Her Personal Mentor at the School of Business Management, Ms Winnie Lie, was supportive of Rachel’s decision and helped her transition to the School of Health Sciences, where she went on to receive her Diploma in Nursing.

Several years later, Rachel’s decision paid off. Along with her teammate, Jaslyn Li Kaiyun, Rachel won the Gold Medal for Caring and the “Best of Nation” award at International WorldSkills 2011 held in London.

She went on to work as a nurse at the Singapore General Hospital from 2011 to 2014, while studying part-time at the Edinburgh Napier University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Recently, Rachel was selected as one of the only nine WorldSkill Champions from around the world to join the WorldSkills Champion Trust (WSCT) - an exclusive group comprising past champions who serve as advisors and ambassadors for the WorldSkills competition.

As part of her duties, Rachel engages WorldSkills Champions from Oceania and ASEAN countries through outreach activities, speaking engagements and social media initiatives. This October, she will take part in the WorldSkills General Assembly in Niagara, Canada, where she will speak at the WorldSkills Leaders Forum, and participate in the WorldSkills Champions’ forum where WorldSkills champions from around the world gather to discuss potential future projects. She will also attend WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 and will have an active role in the Conference Programme, Visitor Experience, Tours, and more.

Today, having seen how happy Rachel has become, and all that she has accomplished, her parents have become supportive and proud of their daughter.

On the importance of following one’s passion, Rachel said, “Not everyone knows their passion in life, but I feel that if you have an inkling towards what you might want to do, you should try to experience it, talk to people in the related industry and learn as much as you can.

If you are fortunate enough to know your passion and calling in life, I’d say go for it. While there will be days where you question why you are doing what you do, stay true, and remember why you first started. This will see you through the harder days, and it will definitely keep you going.”

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