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Course Introduction 

“Working at a world-class theme resort has
always been my dream. My Disney World
Orlando internship experience, and the Hospitality
& Resort Management subjects I studied at NYP
landed me a job with Universal Studios Singapore.
As team lead of the Jurassic Park rides, I
work with a team of associates to ensure that
guests have a safe and exciting and memorable
experience. I feel that I’m now living my dream!”


Elizabeth Chan Sze Sze

Graduate of Diploma in Hospitality & Resort
Attraction Team Lead
Universal Studios Singapore



NYP’s three-year Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management is geared towards training and grooming hotel or resort managers of the future. Subjects like economics, marketing, accounting, business law and statistics within the curriculum ensure that all students in the programme possess a good “business knowledge” foundation. A strong foundation in Hospitality & Tourism will be developed through “core” tourism subjects like Managing MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions) and Hotel Business Management.


As Singapore’s stature grows as a global tourism destination, the demand for well-trained hotel and resort professionals is on the rise. NYP’s Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management ensures that individuals are well equipped with the relevant and necessary abilities to enter and succeed in this dynamic and challenging industry.


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Course Aims

This course aims to:

  • Provide students with a comprehensive broad-based business education through carefully selected core business modules

  • Provide students with an overview of the hospitality and tourism industry, and with specialisation, through careful selection and phasing of specialised modules, in hotel and resort management

  • Provide an opportunity for students to develop essential life-long skills such as creative and logical thinking, problem-solving and analytical abilities, and useful skills in quantitative methods and decision making

  • Provide total student development through a value-added curriculum with strong emphasis on developing a customer-focused mindset, personal presentation skills, and foreign languages

  • Provide a focused, practise-based training within simulated hospitality environments on campus, as well as up to 6 months of industrial attachment in leading hotels, resorts and relevant tourism businesses locally and overseas


Course Educational Objectives

The Diploma in in Hospitality & Tourism Management is developed to provide participants with a broad-based business education with focus on skills and knowledge required in the professional practice of hospitality and tourism operations and management.


Specifically, the objectives of the proposed Diploma are to:


  • Provide graduates with excellent integration of fundamental business knowledge for application in various business functions.  
  • Prepare graduates for successful career at the supervisory and management level in hospitality and tourism industry.
  • Produce graduates who can contribute significantly to hospitality and tourism service operations and management functions, engage in lifelong learning to advance their skills and knowledge to be able to perform at a higher level in the hospitality and tourism industry.
  • Develop graduates who are innovative and enterprising, effective communicators and able to collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Develop graduates who are socially responsible and are aware of ethical, professional and global issues in business.   

Duration: 3 academic years on a full-time basis


Course Learning Outcomes



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Course Structure




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Opportunities for Graduate

Graduates from this course will find good career opportunities as executives in hotels, resorts, and tourism businesses like theme parks, MICE and events management companies, retail stores, National Tourist Organizations etc.


Graduates with good academic achievements may be accepted for degree courses by local and reputable overseas universities, some with advanced standing of 1 to 1.5 years.


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