The Specialist Diploma in Clinical Diagnostic & Infectious Diseases course aims to equip students with the relevant knowledge and skills to succeed as medical technologists and laboratory technologists in life-science related areas, such as advanced disease diagnosis, applied immunology and advanced/applied microbiology; students looking for a career change to the life-science industries will also be adequately trained.

The Post-Diploma Certificate in Clinical Diagnostics focuses on the practical applications of lab tests used in clinical diagnostic laboratories, and on how to analyse and interpret the results. Participants will also acquire skills in essential laboratory techniques utilized for research in the fields of immunology and infectious diseases, and explore ways in which the principles of immunology can be applied in areas such as vaccines. 

The Post-Diploma Certificate in Infectious Diseases deals with common pathogens and the diseases they cause. Participants will perform techniques to detect, identify and study clinically important bacteria and viruses, and learn about the challenges entailed in controlling the spread of infectious diseases in the community. 

What You'll Study


Participants who meet the assessment and attendance requirements of the two modules under each PDC will be awarded the respective post-diploma certificate.

Participants will be awarded the Specialist Diploma in Clinical Diagnostics & infectious Diseases upon successful completion of the 2 PDCs. The award of the Specialist Diploma is governed by the Polytechnic’s examinations rules and regulations.