Biotechnology Research Group

The Biotechnology Applied Research Group (ARG) works with Industry and Academia to deliver needs-driven solutions in the following domains:

  • Bioactive Compounds Screening for Nutraceutical & Cosmeceutical Development
  • Molecular Diagnostic & Vaccines for the Aquaculture Industry
  • Sustainable Nanotechnology- Toxicology & Applications

Our multi-disciplinary team leverages on a wide range of research expertise and skills to deliver practical solutions, functional, and affordable research products to solve real-world problems.

All our R&D projects have student involvement. Our students gain exposure and develop deep technical and critical thinking skills by partaking in these industry-focussed research projects.

Bioactive Compounds Screening for Nutraceutical & Cosmeceutical Development.

The focus of our research is in the development of evidenced-based cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products. We are experts in isolating bioactives from natural products and have capabilities to synthesize and modify small molecules for enhanced efficacy and lowered toxicity. More recently, we have developed a panel of assays for screening bioactives that have application in the development of skin cosmeceuticals. In parallel, we have developed a platform for the screening and isolation of small molecules that have anti-ageing bioactivity.


Molecular Diagnostic & Vaccines for the Aquaculture Industry

We have solid expertise and capabilities in the isolation and identification of aquaculture pathogens and also in the development of autogenous vaccines for the aquaculture industry. We have vaccine scale-up know-how and are also in the process of developing “dip-stick” type diagnostic solutions for the industry. Furthermore, we have initiated projects and are developing technologies for mangrove crab grow-out, fattening, and meat quality assessment.


Sustainable Nanotechnology- Toxicology & Applications

The focus at the Centre for Sustainable Nanotechnology is on risk assessment of emerging nanomaterials and applications of nanotechnology to solve real-world problems.

Our Projects