Young Engineering Innovator Award

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is this award?

This exclusive award by NYP's School of Engineering aims to help upper secondary school students discover their passions for engineering and strengthen their portfolio for Early Admission Exercise (EAE). 


Q. How will this award help me in Early Admission Exercise (EAE)?

During EAE, Sec 4/5 students who apply for NYP's School of Engineering courses will be awarded bonus selection marks. Applicants with this award will gain an advantage when we shortlist students for our engineering courses.


Q. How can I achieve this award?

Complete i) any TWO (2) of the following activities, and ii) our two day Innovation Challenge.

  • Discover Aerospace, Electrical & Electronics Workshop
  • Discover Aeronautical, Mechanical & Robotics Workshop
  • Discover Biomedical & Material Science Workshop
  • Discover Business & Infocomm Workshop
  • NYP Science & Tech Challenge (STC) Activity
  • NYP Engineering Advanced Elective Modules (AEMs)

Schedule of the events can be found here.


Q. How can I register for the award?

To register, download and submit this form.


Q. I am a secondary school teacher. Can I register for my students?

Yes. You can register on their behalf using this form.


Q. I had attended NYP activities in the past. Do they count?

Selected School of Engineering activities are included in this award. If you have participated in these activities while you were in upper secondary school, they will count toward it. You can email us your certificate of participation or ask your secondary school teacher to write a letter/memo to confirm your participation.


Q. Must I register for this award before I go for any NYP activities?

No, but you are encouraged to do so. We will give priority for popular activities to students who are registered with us.


Q. I am in secondary two this year. Can I sign up?

Yes. But only participation during your upper secondary school years will contribute towards the award.

  • Course Schedule

    Schedule Workshop Synopsis
    Discover Aerospace, Electrical & Electronics 8 Jun Friday Design and Make a Solar Racing Car In this workshop, you will build solar energy powered racing car. You will replace the battery used to power the motor in a conventional model with a solar panel module. At the end of the workshop, challenge your friend other to see who has built the fastest and best-looking car.
    Build Your Own Musical Keyboard Attention music lovers! You can now learn how to build your very own Musical Keyboard using only simple electronic components. You’ll be introduced to the Arduino prototyping platform and learn how to use microprocessors to control and customise the functions of musical electronic systems and gadgets. This workshop will provide you the fundamentals of DIY-ing your own keyboard!
    Discover Aeronautical, Mechanical & Robotics 5 Jun Tues May the Force be with You Come and learn the fundamentals of forces using “The Force Table”. Based on the principle of “equilibrium”, you will use simple weights and pulleys to gain deeper understanding about the physics of forces.
    Robotics in Action Have you dreamt of building your own robot? Join us to appreciate have fun making a robot work! You don’t need to know programming - this workshop will take your through an interesting journey programming a two-wheel robot. You will likely leave the workshop feeling like a pro.
    Discover Biomedical & Material Sciences 31 May Thur Nanomaterials for Smart Cities Come and experience how nanomaterials will be key to our Smart Cities. Coupled with Materials Science, nanomaterials can produce solutions that are cheaper, faster, smaller and stronger. You will learn the fundamentals of materials and their applications in nanotechnology. You will have a chance to synthesize materials and test out the materials.
    World of Smart Wearable Explore using wearable device for heart pulse and brain signal (aka Electroencephalography, EEG) monitoring. The smart wearable will act as a wireless stethoscope for heart monitoring on the go. Be amazed by how wearables are used in healthcare to enhance the lives of elderly and handicapped.
    Discover Business & Infocomm 1 Jun Fri Build Your Own Social Chabot Build your very own Facebook chatbot for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in this hands-on workshop! We will teach you the basic concepts of a chatbot and you can even add Artificial Intelligence to your chatbot without any programming required. At the end of the workshop, you will appreciate how companies use Social CRM Chatbots to market their products and manage customer relationships on social media.
    Operation Dog Fight - Program an Airship Calling all air warriors! We need you to build and program a blimp (a.k.a. airship) to defend our airspace. Your airship must negotiate an obstacle course and drop bombs on enemy bases. You must learn operations of an airship/blimp and pick up basic programming skills to control it. At the end of the workshop, you will appreciate how software is key to building smart devices. No prior coding skills needed.
    Discover Architecture & Infocomm 4 Jun Mon Modern Architecture Design Thinking Made Simple Experience the design thinking process behind every modern day building architecture. At the workshop, you’ll learn what architects do in designing buildings and structures.
    My Virtual Reality (VR) World Have fun in this workshop by developing a virtual reality application and immersing yourself in a virtual world by donning HMDs and interacting with 3D models for an exciting 3D immersive experience.