The School of Health Sciences (SHS) offers you the opportunity to enjoy a rewarding career as a highly skilled healthcare or social care professional in the related industries. You will study in a vibrant multi-disciplinary health and social care environment, which will provide you with well-rounded knowledge and skills to deliver quality holistic patient/client care. With many of our programmes developed to meet the specific needs of these dynamic industries, you will get relevant and quality training in your chosen field, leading to further education or career advancement opportunities.


Why SHS?

  • The most established health and social sciences school among polytechnics in Singapore.  
  • Practise in authentic hospital, healthcare or social service environments under the guidance of specialists.
  • Enjoy advanced standing and overseas clinical attachments with our foreign university partners in Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States. 
  • Academic excellence and forward-looking curriculum 

Full Time Diploma Courses

Lifelong Learning Courses

  • Director's Message

    The School of Health Sciences was established in 1992 and is a pioneer institution offering seven Diplomas in various health science disciplines in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Diagnostic Radiography, Radiation Therapy, Oral Health Therapy and Social Sciences (Social Work). In addition to being the pioneer and largest pre-registration nursing training institution in Singapore, the School of Health Sciences is also the forerunner of about 25 Advanced and Specialist Diplomas in Nursing, making us the largest provider of Continuing Nursing Education courses. 
  • Innovative Teaching and Learning

    To nurture the skills and enthusiasm for self-directed and self-paced life-long learning, SHS continually expands its e-Learning curriculum by developing new multimedia packages to be made available for students’ on-demand access. Currently there are more than 40 web-based integrated e-Learning packages providing learning experiences that lead to students’ comprehension and mastery of new skills and knowledge in diverse areas like emergency resuscitation, transfusion of blood, and administration of medication. These integrated e-Learning packages provide students with the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere.

Qualifying Exams

As of May 2017, the Qualifying Examinations (QE) for Diagnostic Radiographers, Radiation Therapists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists has been transited to the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). 

Details of the QE can be found on SIT’s website.

  • Industry Projects

    Our students work closely with the Ministry of Health, the National Council of Social Service, and various hospitals and volunteer welfare organisations on real-world projects that touches the lives of many beneficiaries. 



Nadia Ariffin
Diploma in Dental Hygiene & Therapy (Year 3 Student)

"With the intensive training I received at NYP, I am now more confident of treating young patients a

Winnie Ng
Diploma in Nursing (Year 3 Student)

"Acquiring nursing knowledge and skills has enabled me to do more for the community such as helping

Michelle Vong
Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) (Year 3 Student)

"The field placements in my second and third years taught me that every client, as well as the probl