NYP-SIT Freshmen Orientation

Calling all NYP SIT freshmen of 2017!

Join us in this year’s Freshmen Orientation 2017 on 13 and 17 April 2017 to get ready for a new chapter of your life in polytechnic education. Meet and get to know some of your lecturers. Make new friends with classmates whom you may work with on future projects. Have fun but be prepared to run and get wet! Exciting programmes, sporting game activities and engaging performances have been assembled just for you.

Pre-registration is not required. Just come with an extra set of clothes wearing your PT attire and track shoes.

Invite your parents for the parent’s seminar on 26 April 2017 @6.30pm at LTL-3 to prepare them to journey with you in your new chapter at Nanyang Polytechnic.


General Enquiries

For FMO2017 enquiries, please email


Mr Jason Chui


for Diploma In Business Enterprise IT


Mr Kee Li-ren


for Diploma In Business Informatics students


Ms Phoon Lee Kien


for Diploma In Business Intelligence and Analytics


Ms Teo Miow Ting


for Diploma in Financial Informatics students


Mr Mark Lim


for Diploma In Infocomm & Security Informatics students,


Mr Yong Choon Fon


for Diploma In Information Technology students,


Mr Bryan Hoo


for Diploma in Cyber Security and Forensics