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Diploma in Industrial Design

Course Aim

The Diploma in Industrial Design programme aims to train and nurture students into proficient industrial designers who are capable of creating innovative ideas and solutions that optimise the function, value and aesthetic of products, systems, and services. They will be able to create and communicate unique designs that are sensible and will improve the lives of their clients and end-users.

This course provides students with an enriching studio-centric curriculum experience that equips them with creative insights, technical abilities, and an enterprising outlook that is essential for both industry and further academic pursuits.


Course Educational Objectives

Through this course, students learn to apply the appropriate technical and practical skills as part of the design process, to achieve suitable outcomes. The specific objectives for the students are to:

  • be equipped with relevant and current knowledge and skillsets to support the needs of the creative industry;

  • be effective in the implementation of strategies and practices in the design and development of products, systems, and services for a specific market or need;

  • be able to use effective oral, written and graphic communication skills to express and present ideas; and use models or prototypes to support the presentations;

  • be innovative and enterprising, working both as individuals and in a multi-disciplinary team, in a professional and ethical manner;

  • be able to work independently and collaboratively in projects over a sustained period; planning and managing own responsibilities and workload, as well be the team leader if called upon to manage the project;

  • be lifelong learners who seek continuous self-improvement and professional development;

  • be able to secure successful employment in a product development and design, or related organisation.


Course Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the Diploma in Industrial Design, graduates will be able to:


  • apply technical knowledge and practical skills in the design of products, systems and services;

  • conduct research, analyse information, study and apply knowledge of human behaviour, to develop empathetic and emphatic design solutions;

  • develop and execute a project plan for any design work;

  • apply cross-disciplinary skills such as visual narratives, typography, aesthetics, composition and construction of elements, to create original socially responsible solutions to design problems;

  • effectively communicate design ideas and solutions, through written, oral and/ or visual means, and fabricate models or prototypes to use in support of such presentations, to a diverse range of audiences;

  • function effectively and respectfully as team member or team leader in projects, either at single-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary or cross-industry levels;

  • demonstrate a desire for, and commit to lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and professional development;

  • adapt to future and diverse developments in the ever-changing creative environments;

  • apply knowledge gained to initiate innovative and enterprising activities; and

  • practise ethical and professional responsibilities, and be mindful of the impact of design on the people and the environment.


Graduates in Industrial Design will find attractive opportunities in a wide range of product-related design industries where they can excel in:


  • Conceptual and Trend Forecasting Design

  • Product Planning and Strategy

  • Product Design and Development

  • Product Realisation and Aesthetics

  • Conceptual Prototyping