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Diploma in Industrial Design

The Diploma in Industrial Design prepares students to be industrial designers who take a holistic view of products, systems and services. This is done via a strong focus on high quality design thinking and communication, effective business and market considerations and user-interaction and new experience design strategies.


Students get to experience a broad spectrum of design expertise, from industrial to commercial, consumer product and even craft-based designs. Products, systems and services tackled in the curriculum includes that of consumer electronics product design, public facilities and even systems that require advanced interface and interaction design strategies. With this diploma, industrial design graduates can identify trends, conceptualise and realise unique and novel solutions for the emerging Asia Pacific Market.


Industrial and Consumer Product designers strive to make our everyday life more comfortable and pleasurable. They are innovative in giving product, system and service the distinct character and unique quality that makes them sell.


Graduates in Industrial Design will find attractive opportunities in a wide range of product-related design industries where they can excel in:


  • Conceptual and Trend Forecasting Design

  • Product Planning and Strategy

  • Product Design and Development

  • Product Realisation and Aesthetics

  • Conceptual Prototyping