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Diploma in Visual Communication

The Diploma in Visual Communication programme develops creative, analytical, entrepreneurial and socially responsible visual communication designers capable of delivering imaginative ideas, information and business solutions through design; and who are able to self-direct and navigate a rapidly changing world, and meet the challenges and seize the opportunities for designers created by technological and social advances.


The comprehensive programme will give students a foundational grounding and prepare them for a creative career in a broad range of professional roles in areas such as branding, visual merchandising, graphic design, illustration, editorial design, digital photography, advertising, art direction, packaging design, animation, multi-media and web design.


Students pursuing the Visual Communication programme can choose one of three tracks – continue with Visual Communication; or choose a specialisation in Visual Merchandising, or in Visual Branding and Identity.


The Visual Merchandising specialisation blends artistic and business skills, and equips students with in-depth industry knowledge. It aims to produce visual merchandisers able to play a critical role in the retail industry. Students will learn how to set up and maintain imaginative retail displays. They will be trained to create a “visual sense” or a visual experience in a retail environment that entices customers to come in, be convinced to stay, shop and purchase. 


The Visual Branding and Identity specialisation aims to train students who are able to use design elements to create associations with the company, its products and services, and its philosophy, values and culture. The specialisation integrates graphic design knowledge and skills with a strong understanding of branding, marketing and business strategy.

The students will have the ability to implement strategy using the design skills to create compelling brand experiences.


Graduates in Visual Communication will find attractive opportunities in a wide range of visual-related design industries where they can excel in:


  • Graphics Design

  • Branding and Identity Design

  • Brand Management and Promotion

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Packaging Design

  • Advertising and Media

  • Event Design

  • Integrated Brand Communication

Visual Communication