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Diploma in Visual Communication


The Diploma in Visual Communication prepares students to be graphic designers and visual merchandisers with a strong focus on high-quality communication aesthetics, and innovative user-experience design strategies. Students will learn how to develop and present ideas that will convince and engage consumers, through first-hand experience on a broad spectrum of design expertise, from packaging design, corporate identity and branding, infographics, visual merchandising, to computer illustration and creative visualisation. 


Students can choose to pursue either Communication Design or Visual Merchandising Specialisation after completing Year 1.


The Communication Design track educates and trains students for the communication needs of industry and society. It emphasises the conception, creation, planning and execution of visual solutions to complex problems in modern society. Students learn to combine skills in visual processes, illustration, graphic design, typography and digital design to create innovative visual ideas that inform, interpret, instruct or persuade the intended user across the spectrum of application. 


The Visual Merchandising track brings art and design into the commercial and creative aspects of image branding and product merchandising of retail businesses and other organisations. Students learn how to engage and enhance the customers' emotional connection with a store’s brand through the shopping experience by creating eye-catching product displays and store layouts. Students will find attractive and exciting opportunities in the retail sector including working in window display, and retail shop floor planning and display. 


Graduates in Visual Communication will find attractive opportunities in a wide range of visual-related design industries where they can excel in:

  • Graphics Design

  • Packaging Design

  • Corporate Identity and Marketing

  • Brand Conceptualisation

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Event Conceptualisation

  • Point-of-Purchase Design