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Advanced Diploma in Paramedicine

The Advanced Diploma in Paramedicine course focuses on the immediate pre-hospital management of ill and injured patients of all ages. The Advanced Diploma in Paramedicine equips participants with the knowledge, skills and understanding which underpin the paramedic role and to develop the adaptive problem solving and decision making skills required in practice.



Synopsis of Modules


HS8075 Leadership and Professional Issues in Advanced Paramedic Practice (45 hours)

The module provides knowledge of management practices and focuses on professional and interpersonal relationships as well as leadership, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the management of paramedics at the micro and macro levels.


HS8076 Research and Evidence-Based Practice (60 hours)

The module provides an in-depth understanding of scientific enquiry in pre-hospital practice. The focus is on exploring the different research methods, approaches and research utilization in pre-hospital practice.


HS8077 Advanced Pathophysiology and Pharmacology in Paramedicine (45 hours)

The module provides an in-depth study of the structure and functions of the various systems with particular emphasis on pathophysiology of the disease states. In addition, students will gain knowledge that provides a rational basis for pharmacologic management of patients with complex health problems. The advanced knowledge is expected to provide a sound basis for advanced paramedic practice.


HS8078 Major Incident Management (30 hours)

The module assists with knowledge to critically evaluate the changing context of emergency and disaster management. Analyse the implications of the changing context for the roles and responsibilities of emergency and disaster management agencies.


HS8079 Advanced Paramedic Science I (105 hours)

The module provides knowledge and skills to evaluate significant problems associated with cardiovascular, respiratory abdominal, genitourinary, metabolic, obstetric, environmental, toxicological, geriatric, acute infections and sensory emergencies. The theoretical component and psychomotor skills will also enable the students to assign appropriate triage priority and develop effective strategies for the immediate care of adult and pediatric patients and their significant others.


HS8080 Advanced Paramedic Science II (90 hours)

This module provide knowledge and skills that will enable students to recognize and treat life-threatening conditions, including recognition and evaluation of the mechanism of injury, performance of critical interventions, and rapid stabilization and transport the patient to the emergency department in the best possible condition. Assist students to explore the concepts underlying the psychosocial needs of the patient, significant others, as well as, paramedic personnel in an emergency situation, and additionally, provides students with the ability to recognize, manage and evaluate significant problems associated with psychosocial emergencies.


HS8081 Advanced Paramedic Practicum (300 hours)
The module enables the students to apply the theoretical concepts to clinical practice and to develop advanced skills in pre-hospital care. The students will utilize the problem-solving approach in the assessment, planning and delivery of care as well as develop analytical and critical thinking through reflective practice.




8 months on a full-time basis.



Entry Requirements

  • Polytechnic Diploma or a JIBC Paramedic Diploma;

  • Paramedic Level 3 Certificate; and

  • One year experience in pre-hospital care.



Details of the course will be announced as and when the course is offered. Typically two intakes per year, in April and October. The course will be conducted based on sufficient number of applicants.

Applicants are to submit their application online at


Please submit your supporting documents (photocopy of NRIC, educational transcripts, degree, etc.) to the following address by the closing date:

Student Recruitment & Admission Office,

Nanyang Polytechnic,

Campus Centre (Blk A), Level 2,

180 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8,

Singapore 569830

NB: (1) An incomplete submission may not be considered.

Organisations sponsoring their staff for the programme are required to submit the Company-Sponsorship Form to the above address by the closing date.


This can be obtained from the Course Calendar at




Enquiries related to the course application, please contact:
Professional Development Centre (PDC)

TEL: 6550 0555

Enquiries related to the course, please contact:
School of Health Sciences,

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