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Course Introduction


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Course Aims

The Diploma in Dental Hygiene & Therapy aims to train students in Oral Health Therapy to become safe & competent beginning practitioners eligible for registration with the Singapore Dental Council. 


Graduates with this diploma can be employed as Oral Health Therapists in government institutions, private dental clinics or in other areas related to the dental industry.



Course Duration

3 academic years on a full-time basis    



Course Learning Outcomes

The diploma graduate would be able to:


1. Demonstrate understanding of fundamental concepts of basic dental, biological and behavioural sciences applicable to Oral Health Therapy practice.


2. Demonstrate ability to plan and implement evidence-based oral healthcare management strategies, and engage in reflective dental practice                 


3. Demonstrate competency in the following procedural skills, required for registration with the Singapore Dental Council:


  • Cleaning and polishing of teeth.                                                                                      
  • Scaling of teeth.          
  • Root planing of teeth.                                                                                                                              
  • Application to the teeth of solutions of sodium or stannous fluoride or other similar materials.              
  • Application of fissure sealants.                                                                                                              
  • Application of rubber dam.                                                                                                    
  • Extraction of primary teeth of persons of 18 years of age or younger.                          
  • Restoration of teeth of persons of 18 years of age or younger using direct restorative materials.
  • Exposure of radiographic films intraorally or extraorally for the investigation of lesions          
  • Usage of infiltration anaesthesia in procedures such as scaling, root planing, direct restorative procedure and extraction.
  • Taking alginate impressions of the upper and lower dentition.                                                      
  • Giving of advice on matters related to dental health


4. Exercise critical thinking and clinical reasoning approaches to problem-solve in oral healthcare management for different groups of clients.  


5. Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills, verbal and written communication to establish and maintain optimal relations with clients, peers and the dental team.                                              


6. Demonstrate ability to provide quality and ethical oral care to clients. 


7. Advocate positive lifestyle outcomes for clients in clinics and in other community settings.                                                                                                                                         

8. Collaborate with multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals to optimize healthcare outcomes.



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Course Educational Objectives

Our graduates will become integral members of the Dental Team, delivering high quality Oral Health Care to clients in an ethical and empathetic manner.     


Oral Health Therapists can also become role models in the dental profession and become champions of life-long learning. 




 Industrial Attachment 



Dental Hygiene and Therapy is a practice-oriented profession. Clinical Education modules provide an excellent opportunity for students to acquire practical skills within an external clinical environment and experience the working conditions they will be exposed to after graduation.


During the first year, the module provides opportunities for the learners to observe the various Dental Health services and agencies available. They will be oriented to the assigned dental settings with the emphasis on oral health needs of children of school-going age and the health of the soft tissues in the mouth of adult patients.  Clinical education modules during the second and third year will involve more responsibilities. The students will able to conduct general and oral health assessment, integrate acquired knowledge and clinical skills to assess, plan and provide basic dental services. In addition they will use their basic management skills to manage and oversee a School Dental Clinic.




Hospital Sponsorship

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Career Prospects

The prospects for Oral Health Therapists are very promising. They can practise in a variety of settings, for example within the School Dental Service/School Health Services where they can be deployed to work in the Field or Mobile Dental Clinics, the Oral Health Promotion Section, the Dental Therapists Training Section, the Audit Section or at the School Dental Centre at the Health Promotion Board. With the recent Dental Act to license Oral health Therapists, graduates can work in private dental practices or dental institutions under the supervision of dentists.


Because of the increasing demand for and shortage of professional oral health therapists, graduates can expect an attractive and competitive pay structure with opportunities for further career progression and growth. There are also opportunities for further studies overseas upon graduation. 



Further Education

As Oral Health Therapy is a young profession, there are limited local options.

However, further education in Bachelor of Oral Health can be obtained from the following Universities which are recognised by the Singapore Dental Council:



 Curtin University

 University of Sydney

 University of Queensland

 University of Adelaide

 University of Melbourne

 University of Newcastle

New Zealand


 Auckland University of Technology

 University of Otago












We have NYP Alumni who are currently enrolled or have graduated from Otago, Curtin, Melbourne, Queensland and Newcastle.

Admission and credit exemptions are discretionary.



Key Contact

Dr Anshad Ansari

Manager / Dental Hygiene & Therapy
Tel: 6550 1309