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Course Introduction


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The Diploma in Nursing aims to equip students with knowledge and skills to make significant contributions to health and professional nursing practice. Nanyang Polytechnic is the first polytechnic in Singapore to offer nursing courses at tertiary level.



3 academic years on a full-time basis


Career Prospects 

The prospects for nursing graduates are very promising. They will be eligible for registration with the Singapore Nursing Board which gives them the licence to practise as professional nurses.


Career opportunities are also numerous. Attractive opportunities await graduates in hospitals, polyclinics, specialist clinics, and organizations involved in clinical trials and research.


The diploma course provides graduates with the basis for further studies and specialisation in nursing at the School of Health Sciences and universities abroad. The School offers post registration programmes at an advanced diploma level in the disciplines of critical care, community health, emergency, gerontology, management, medical-surgical and mental health nursing, midwifery, nephro-urology, neuroscience, ophthalmic, oncology, perioperative, perianaesthesia, orthopaedic and paediatric nursingGraduates can undertake a BSc (Hons) in Nursing Practice offered by the Singapore Institute of Technology and the University of Manchester at NYP. They can also pursue degree conversion, masters or PhD programmes offered by local or foreign universities. 


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Course Aims 

The course is structured to prepare students to function competently as registered nurses in various healthcare settings. The graduate will assess, manage and prevent problems related to health and illness in individuals and their families.


The course is designed to develop nurses who are committed to excellence in the care they provide, and to their continuing professional development. Graduates will be equipped to:

  • apply the knowledge gained in nursing,biological and behavioural sciences to nursing practice;

  • provide safe and competent care in various healthcare settings;

  • use a problem-solving approach to provide holistic and individualized nursing care;

  • use communication skills to establish and maintain effective helping relationships; and

  • pursue ongoing educational and professional development.


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Industrial Attachment


Nursing is a practice-oriented profession. During the academic semester, students undergo six to eight hours per week of preparatory work in the nursing laboratories. These specialized laboratories resemble actual hospital wards. After acquiring the necessary skills, the students spend several weeks during intra-semester and vacation periods attached to hospitals and/or the institutions/community settings. Under supervision, they are given the opportunity to develop their clinical expertise and confidence in the working world of the professional nurse.


In the first year, students will begin with basic care of individuals of all ages focusing on the basic care of individuals of all ages. Clinical practice begins in the first semester with attachment to the hospital and community health services. In the second year, students will concentrate on acute care including medical and surgical nursing of children and adults. Third-year students will progress to complex nursing care such as accident and emergency, operating theatre, mental health and critical care nursing. They will consolidate skills learnt in the first two years and acquire further nursing skills. They will also learn and apply managerial and research skills.


Clinical Placement schedule/roster can be accessed from myNYP Portal


Key Contact

Diploma in Nursing

Ms Clair Khoo
Manager/Nursing (Academic)
Tel: 6550 1462


Ms Chiang Ching Ching
Deputy Manager/Nursing (Academic)
Tel: 6550 1415


Ms Cecilia Tang
Manager/Nursing (Clinical)

Tel: 6550 1461


Cynthia Hosey

Deputy manager/Nursing (Clinical)

Tel: 6550 1360



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Manager/Nursing (Clinical)

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