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Course Introduction and Aims

The Diploma in Physiotherapy aims to produce competent graduates who are scientifically-orientated clinicians and can excel in the dynamism of the physiotherapy profession. Through an integrated approach involving theoretical, practical, experiential and clinical components, our graduates will be equipped with knowledge, core competencies, life skills and values that will enable them to communicate effectively and practise ethically in a variety of clinical settings, across the different specialties of physiotherapy; fulfilling the regulatory requirements of the Allied Health Professions Act 2011, including the professional and ethical behaviours stipulated by the Allied Health Professions Council Code of Professional Conduct.



Course Duration

3 academic years on a full-time basis



Course Learning Outcomes

The physiotherapy graduate would be able to


a)  Explain in relation to physiotherapy practice, biological and behavioural sciences concepts, disease processes,                           biomechanics, ergonomics, physiotherapy concepts of disability, human growth, health promotion and development                   throughout the lifespan.


b)  Accurately assess, analyse and interpret a variety of musculoskeletal, cardio-pulmonary, neurological impairments and               other common conditions that can benefit from physiotherapy intervention.


c)  Possess skills, knowledge and confidence to implement evidence-based physiotherapy assessment and management              techniques for all age groups, across a variety of both public, private healthcare and community settings.


d)  Plan, implement, modify and evaluate outcomes of physiotherapy interventions, preventative and health promotion                       programmes.


e)  Understand common illnesses, the health care environment, health policies and the inter-related roles of the members of           the health care team, including the client.


f)    Educate clients, their families and the community in management of different conditions.


g)   Evaluate current scientific literature, physiotherapy practices and appreciate the importance of conducting research within          physiotherapy.


h)  Demonstrate collaborative interaction and liaison with members of the health care team to achieve optimal care outcomes.


i)  Apply the principles of ethical decision making in professional practice.


j)  Commit to professional accountability, quality assurance, legal and ethical behaviour in the administration of health care.


k)  Be an innovative practitioner, effectively creating, developing and managing services in the health care sector.


l)   Engage in reflective practice and continual development of professional and life skills to improve professional competency. 



Course Educational Objectives

The graduates of the Diploma in Physiotherapy will be committed to life-long learning, and continue to pursue personal and professional development. They will be valued members of the healthcare team, providing physiotherapy services across all specialties and contributing meaningfully to the community and the development of the profession.





Industrial Attachment



Physiotherapy students are attached to health care organisations for clinical placement to allow them to integrate clinical experiences with their academic studies. Clinical attachments are held both during the semestral period as well as the vacation period.


Student physiotherapists complete a minimum of 1000 hours of clinical attachment during their three year of studies. In Year 1, students undergo a one-week block of clinical attachment. From Year 2 to Year 3, the clinical attachment increases to six blocks with duration varying from three to five weeks per block.

During each clinical attachment, students are under the supervision of a qualified and experience clinician. It is imperative that students have hands-on practice to a variety of clients and in various areas of physiotherapy practice. Such supervision and guidance is important as it prepares the students for professional practice after they graduate.




Key Contact for Clinical Attachment 

Mr. Mohammad Fauzan Maideen (Clinical Coordinator)
Tel: 65501436


Mr. Shawn Soh (Assistant Manager)
Tel: 65501941




Students’ Research

Final Year Physiotherapy Students’ Projects 2013 (Ankle Function) (Joint Position Sense) (Low Back Muscle) (Knee Joint Position) (VR game in Rehab) (Fall risks) (Calf Stretch) (Hand Grip Strength)



Hospital Sponsorships

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Career Prospects

Opportunities are abundant for graduates from Nanyang Polytechnic. They can work independently in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, sports clinics, specialist centres for management of cancer and heart conditions, psychiatric centres, community healthcare centres, homes for the elderly sick and in wellness clinics. Their clients may range from elite sports individuals to the frail elderly and their work environment may vary from hydrotherapy pools to private clinics. They can also find career opportunities in research facilities, educational institutions and health and wellness sectors.


NYP’s Diploma in Physiotherapy course is recognised by Singapore’s Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC). Graduates are eligible to join the Singapore Physiotherapy Association, a member of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy. This affiliation allows you to practise world-wide subject to local regulations.


Since September 2012, NYP’s Diploma in Physiotherapy graduates can apply to the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)/Trinity College Dublin degree programme hosted in NYP. This government-funded honours programme includes a 6-week overseas attachment in Dublin, Ireland. Graduates will be awarded with a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from Trinity College Dublin.

There are other opportunities for continuing education and further specialisation. Post-graduate programmes, degree upgrade programmes, with some leading to honours and specialisation qualifications, are also available for graduates.




Further Education

Key Contacts

Ms Audrey Lim (Manager)
Tel: 65501435



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