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Course Introduction

The Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) aims to provide students with strong foundational social work education and training to prepare them for a career as Social Work Associates.


The course adopts an integrated approach with theoretical, practical and experiential elements to equip students with principles and practices of social work.


Students will progressively develop the knowledge, skills and values in areas of casework, programme development and implementation, and community practice. They will also acquire helping skills and intervention techniques to work with individuals, families, groups and communities facing different social challenges and issues.



Course Duration

3 academic years on a full-time basis

Course Learning Outcomes

 The graduate from the diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) would be able to


  • Explain social welfare, social service delivery and the development of the social work profession in the Singapore context;
  • Examine current and emerging social issues and discuss the implications of these issues at the different levels of social work practice;
  • Apply social work theories and principles in the assessment of needs and challenges, as well as in the design of intervention to improve social functioning;
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal and helping skills to work with individuals, families, groups and communities across different social services;
  • Use organisational and project management skills in programme development and implementation, community practice and other functions to support social service delivery;
  • Display commitment to social work purposes, values, ideals, beliefs, ethical guidelines and professional identity;
  • Demonstrate an increase awareness of self, how personal factors may influence professional growth and the importance of reflective practice;
  • Recognise the need to continue the development of life skills such as communication, creative and critical thinking, problem solving, team building and life-long learning.

Course Educational Objectives

Our aspirations for the graduates of the Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) are:


  • They will be competent and dynamic practitioners who are able to support the full range of social work functions across different fields of social services.
  • They are committed to social work values and ethics, engage in reflective practice and continue to pursue personal and professional development.

Field Placement 

Social work students undertake 800 hours or 20 weeks of field placement which provide excellent opportunities to put acquired skills and knowledge into actual practice.


Students are attached to social service agencies or healthcare institutions for their field experience. Through the exposure to real-life practice situations, students learn to integrate theory into practice by observing and practicing methods and skills at an individual, group or community level.


Students will also be supervised by qualified field supervisors and placement coordinators who will provide guidance for them to develop personally and professionally.


The field placements comprise of eight weeks in the second semester of Year 2 and twelve weeks in the second semester of Year 3 where students can progressively build competence as a Social Work Associate.



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Career Prospects and Further Education

The social service and healthcare sectors in Singapore offer ample employment opportunities given the rising need to provide more services to address critical social challenges such as the rapidly ageing population, widening income gap and evolving family support system.


Social Work Associates are employed in a wide variety of social work settings such as:


  • Family services (family service centres, family violence specialist centres, single-parent family support centres, social service offices etc)
  • Children and youth services (youth centres, student care centres, child protection specialist centres, children homes etc)
  • Eldercare services (senior activity centres, dementia day care centres, sheltered homes, caregiver support centres etc)
  • Disability services (early intervention centres, special schools, sheltered workshops, vocational training centres, disability hostels etc)
  • Correctional services (juvenile homes, halfway houses, aftercare agencies, prisons etc)
  • Healthcare services (hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centres, hospices etc)


In addition, graduates of this programme may also take up the positions of programme executives, volunteer coordinators, home team officers, community development executives and welfare assistants.

With increasing demand for manpower in the social service sector, the opportunities for further training and development upon graduation are abundant. Graduates with good academic achievements may also pursue a degree in Social Work at universities such as NUS, UniSIM, Monash University, Griffith University and University of South Australia among others.





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Key Contact

Ms Ong Ai Weig
Manager (Social Work) 
Tel: 6550 1494