Because We Can Stories

At NYP, we can help you live your dreams by pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve. Check out these stories of our graduates and students who have accomplished more than what they thought was possible. #BecauseWeCan

The Making of WorldSkills Champs

NYP has been a big winner at WorldSkills Competitions. Find out why.

Beating the Odds to Excel

This extraordinary teenager has overcome much to excel in music and sports.

From Shunned Orchestra to Big Hit

This Chinese Orchestra has got world music and KPop as part of its repertoire!

From Leisure Activity to Champion Sport

What’s the secret behind our six-time win for NYP’s ultimate Frisbee team? Find out more.

From Food Labs to World Dairy Stage

NYP has aced the World Dairy Innovation Awards for seven straight years.

Pursuit of Passion Pays off

Nursing graduate Rachel Chua found her life’s calling and became a World Champion at NYP.