One more chance

Three years ago, Lee Wei Jian, felt like he had hit a dead end after he failed his GCE O-Level English examinations. As most polytechnic courses require at least a pass, he was on the verge of giving up.

But recognising his design talent, NYP interviewed him and gave him a chance. He was enrolled but he would have to pass his English.

Wei Jian passed the exam in the very next year.

It was a complete turnaround for Wei Jian once he entered NYP.  Enrolled in his chosen course – the Diploma in Space & Interior Design –  he adapted well to NYP’s hands-on learning style and project-based curriculum. He took part in national competitions and even did the school proud by winning the Singapore Design Award and the Design Excellence Spatial Design Award (SPADE) two years in a row.

Interning at an established architectural firm WOW gave Wei Jian the opportunity to work on large-scale projects, including hotels and office buildings. He particularly enjoyed analysing the floor plans of hotels in India and China to design different areas such as the ballrooms. After his internship, Wei Jian travelled to Hong Kong for a three-month exchange programme. He spent a large part of his exchange exploring the different landscapes across the city.

This overseas exposure also ignited his passion for furniture. He said, “When I went to China and Hong Kong to learn leather making and landscape design, I realised that furniture is such an important part of work.”

Today Wei Jian’s graduated with a GPA of 3.85 and has been on the Director’s List for four semesters.

He is immensely grateful to NYP for seeing potential in him at a time when no one else did, and says he’s proud to have come so far when he almost didn’t even have a chance. 


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