NYP’s WorldSkills Competitors: Ready to Take On the World

After months of intense training and mental preparation, our WorldSkills competitors are ready to make their presence felt on the world’s stage.


Come October, Singapore will be sending a contingent of 21 competitors to the 44th WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This prestigious competition - also known as the Olympics of Skills - will be held from Oct 15 to 18. Some 77 countries or regions will compete in 51 skill areas.


Of the 21 competitors from Singapore, 11 of them are NYP students or graduates. They conquered the Singapore version of the competition in July 2016, and have been training since for their nine skills areas which include robotics, IT, healthcare, graphic design and visual merchandising.


In this special segment, we highlight our champions headed for Abu Dhabi. Read about their WorldSkills journey, hopes and dreams here.


NYP has traditionally done well in the global WorldSkills tourney. Since first participating in 1997, we’ve bagged two Albert Vidal Awards (given to the competitor with the overall highest score), 11 Golds, one Silver, five Bronzes and 22 Medallions for Excellence (awarded to those who score very well in the competition).


Wishing our team all the best! Go NYP! Go Singapore!



Balancing Family and Game Art Commitments Every Day

Ng Jun Xuan - 3D digital game art

Growing Stronger and More Precise in Aircraft Rigging

Low Wei Ting - Aircraft Maintenance

Rewards Are Not Everything

Ho Min Li, Rachel - CNC Turning

Becoming a More Efficient Designer

Low Kin Lin - Graphic Design Technology

Always Ready to Deal with the Unexpected

Fazira Zulkifli - Health & Social Care

Inspired to Sacrifice his Time for WorldSkills

Li Kangli - IT Network System Administration