Always Ready to Deal with the Unexpected

Fazira Zulkifli - Health & Social Care


In her line of work as a nurse, Fazira Zulkifli always has to expect the unexpected. This means she needs to think critically on her feet, provide accurate clinical judgements and decisions while caring for her patients.


The recent graduate from the Diploma in Nursing has been taught how to become a competent, confident, and thinking nurse. She has also picked up important values such as diligence, teamwork and perseverance.


A typical training day for her is mentally and physically challenging, but she is always grateful that her coaches help her learn from mistakes and make improvements immediately. She hopes her intense training and dedication to her trade will result in a Gold medal for Singapore.


Thinks are looking bright for Fazira, and we wish her all the very best! #caretogobeyond #TeamSG #worldskills2017 #SkillsForAll #WYSD