Growing Stronger and More Precise in Aircraft Rigging

Low Wei Ting - Aircraft Maintenance 


A typical training day for Aerospace Systems & Management student Low Wei Ting is exhausting as the WorldSkills finalist in Aircraft Maintenance has to be physically strong, and yet delicate and precise enough, to properly deploy the aircraft maintenance equipment and tools.


As he trains hard, he says he is grateful to his family, lecturers, trainers, and friends who are supporting him and giving him the strength to continue the punishing routine. For Wei Ting, the WorldSkills experience has made him a more confident person. He takes the initiative to learn and read up more on his skill area, and is always trying to improve. This is a major change considering he was quite a passive person before admits the young man.


Come this October, Wei Ting will be representing Singapore in WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, where he will compete among the best young technicians around the world and showcase his aircraft rigging, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair skills.


Besides a medal, he reckons he wants to bring back best practices from his foreign counterparts.


We wish him and all our #TeamSG competitors all the very best! #SkillsForAll #WYSD #worldskills2017