Balancing Family and Game Art Commitments Every Day

Ng Jun Xuan - 3D Digital Game Art


In between helping his family’s business, Digital Game Art & Design student Ng Jun Xuan is training hard for the upcoming global WorldSkills competition in Abu Dhabi.


In his category, competitors have conceptualise, create and animate a 3D fantasy game character, and eventually bringing it to life within a specified time duration. Among other things, judges look for creativity, skills, plus realistic colouring, shadowing, and texture.


Recently, Jun Xuan has just completed a local attachment with renowned Japanese game house Koei Tecmo. He believes the experience was invaluable, as he has had the opportunity to work with professionals and learnt how to create high quality characters.


Currently Jun Xuan is training in campus. However, he still finds time to help out at his family business with food deliveries to their vegetarian stalls. He usually gets home around 9 pm. After wolfing down dinner, he’s back at honing his Digital Game Art skills before hitting the sack at 11 pm. By 6 am, the day starts with again with another round of deliveries for the family business.


Despite the long hours, Jun Xuan never wavers in his dedication to his craft, and always tries to surpass his own expectations: “While I am still committed to helping my parents sustain the family business, I always try to find pockets of time to boost my knowledge and skills in 3D character creation.”


“No matter how challenging things may seem, as long as you have the passion, your dreams will be fuelled.”


Way to go Jun Xuan!