Innovative Teaching and Learning

A new way of learning is needed

Faced with a digital revolution in and beyond the classroom, educational institutions strive to strike the delicate balance between traditional teaching methods and new pedagogies enabled by digital access. In SBM, we continue to emphasise active learning partnerships with students while embracing digital technologies through innovative teaching strategies in our Teaching Enterprise Projects (TEP), simulation games and case studies. 

  • Teaching Enterprise Projects (TEP)

    The Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP) is a unique pedagogy by the School of Business Management where students apply their learning  to industry projects from within the familiar environment of the SBM campus. Students are mentored by their lecturers and receive guidance needed to ensure their smooth transition from classroom to work life.

    Each TEP business centre has a different operational focus catered to providing specific training for the variety of diplomas the School of Business Management (SBM) offers. Here, students undergo 14 weeks of attachment to business centres operating within the campus. TEP centres are helmed by SBM lecturers who guide students in applying their repertoire of skills to tackling industry projects. 

    To-date, more than 150 TEP industry projects with our long-standing business partners have given SBM students an edge through the provision of timely updates on industry shifts, as well as, an integral exposure to real world situations and clients.  

Simulation Games

In a shift towards more student-centric and experiential pedagogy, SBM has introduced simulation games into its diploma programmes where relevant. The objective of the simulation games is to enhance students’ learning in a sustainable manner by providing engaging platforms for the application of theoretical knowledge in a simulated environment. 

New simulation games in the pipeline include a property management/reservation system for hotels, and an entrepreneurship game that aims to teach students how to set up and grow their virtual companies.

Case Studies

SBM has adopted the pedagogy of the Harvard Business School Case Method where lecturers create original case studies based on real data provided by our industry partners. 

The case method is an interactive learning approach that promotes student discussion and shifts the emphasis from a teacher‐centred to a student‐centred classroom.  This method emphasises student thinking as the springboard for discourse and learning. Through a collaborative construction process, analytical problem-solving and decision-making skills are honed, critical thinking and reasoning are elevated, and creative solutions emerge. 

Representatives from companies, whose cases are being discussed, sit in for students' final presentations and offer comments on their analyses and problem-solving approaches. This allows our students to learn directly from our industry partners. On top of in-class critiques, SBM students get to attend guest lectures and field trips conducted by our industry partners at their company premises.