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School of Health Sciences


The School of Health Sciences (SHS) at Nanyang Polytechnic is THE place for students who are keen to embrace the challenge of working in a healthcare environment.  It prepares and trains people for careers in Nursing, Oral Health Therapy, Social Work, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Diagnostic Radiography and Radiation Therapy. To date, more than 20000 students have graduated from the Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Specialist Diploma courses conducted by the School.  These health and social care professionals work in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, rehabilitation centres, community health agencies, schools, research organisations, family service centres and other healthcare and social work-related settings.


An Environment with a Difference 


At SHS, the students enjoy a variety of learning environments with outstanding facilities including the School's E-Learning database, Bioscience Centre, Health Sciences Simulation Centre, NYP-HIMSS Centre of Excellence and its many well-equipped laboratories—all aimed at enhancing and honing their professional skills.


Students are offered opportunities to gain hands-on experience and put theoretical learning into practice through their various clinical attachments/fieldwork placements in various health and social care settings.


More importantly, SHS has a culture of caring and sharing.  Our lecturers do not just teach but are also mentors and friends to the students.  Students themselves also participate in student mentoring activities to help lead and guide their junior course-mates.  Through the School's Community Outreach programmes, students actively contribute towards meeting the welfare and needs of the less privileged.   Fostering a caring environment for our students is given as much emphasis as an academically challenging one.  Because in SHS, we care!


So, join us and be part of a vibrant and rapidly growing pool of professionals committed to caring for people of all ages and from all walks of life. SHS graduates are poised to play important roles in the rapidly growing health and social care industries!


What Our Graduates Can Do 

Besides obtaining the necessary qualifications and certification to practise as health and social care professionals both locally and abroad, opportunities for continuing education and further specialisation are aplenty. Our graduates can pursue degree conversion programmes available both locally and in many renowned overseas universities.